Took away the confusion of the heart..The presentation of disabled children in Bhopal’s Gauhar Mahal mesmerized the art lovers. Art lovers came face to face with Patiyagoi.


Took away the confusion of the heart.. The presentation of disabled children in bhopal's gauhar mahal mesmerized the art lovers. Art lovers came face to face with patiyagoi. - news2news. In

Bhopal (Madhurima Rajpal).The second day of Pari Bazaar, organized by the Begums of Bhopal at Gauhar Mahal focusing on the literature and art of Bhopal, was dedicated to cultural presentations. On one hand, art lovers got the opportunity to come face to face with the famous Patiyagoi of Bhopal, on the other hand, the captivating presentation of disabled children of Aarushi added to this beautiful evening. The sequence of presentations did not stop here. A large number of art lovers participated in the sessions related to Mushaira, Charbant and Women Entrepreneurs. In the afternoon, people made huge purchases at the stalls of various handicraft items set up by women of self-help groups in Pari Bazaar. During this period, Bhopali wallets focusing on the traditional culture of Bhopal were the center of special attraction. Apart from this, people also enjoyed various delicious dishes.

All that was unnecessary in life
As the Mushaira got underway amidst the cold winds, people enjoyed it immensely. During this time, Nusrat Mehndi, Badr Wasti, Amber Abid, Goshiya Sabin, Santosh Khirwadkar and Dinesh Prabhat kept the people engaged by reciting one Kalam after another. At the beginning of the Mushaira, Nusrat Mehndi recited the kalam ‘Know how Nusrat became a necessity, all that was unnecessary in life.’ Taking the sequence of Mushaira forward, Santosh Khirwadkar recited the kalam ‘The rains had no effect on Darya, the conspiracies had no effect on me either…’ Badr Wasti read – This world has started looking beautiful because of your love…

Charbait’s presentation enthralled
During the cultural presentation, Vaishali and fellow artists graced the occasion with a beautiful presentation of Charbant. In a musical charabaint presentation of about 50 minutes, the artists performed ‘Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat Ki Visale Yaar Hota’…, The confusion of the heart has taken me close to the hair…, They have decorated their garden with memories… , introduced Kalam. Taking the sequence of the presentation forward, when the women artistes showed them their wounded hearts, they felt bad…, The desire for sarfaroshi is now in our hearts…, When both became angry, neither should they come nor should I go…, Kalam Ended the presentation with.

Gauhar mahal in bhopal madhya pradesh
Gauhar Mahal in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Adorable presentation by Aarushi’s children
The premises of Gauhar Mahal became more pleasant when Aarushi’s children presented one song after another. Manu Gupta sang the song Piya Tose Naina Laage Re…. At the same time, Shivani Sen sang Ghoomar…, Karishma Sen sang Kashmiri to Main Kanyakumari…, Shubham Tiwari filled the atmosphere with enthusiasm by singing the song Main Nikla Gaddi Lekh.

Zubair’s strategy
Zubair Alam of Bhopal presented the story of two friends in a very familiar Bhopali style in Patiyagoi. Zubair told that in Patiyagoi, the word gets out, spreads till it reaches the point of being thrown and becomes a joke. During this, Zubair presented the book written by Rafi Shabbir and Rumi Jaffrey’s Bhopali Tappe very beautifully on the stage.

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