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Threats to kill Rahul Gandhi: It is written in the letter – Indore will be rocked by blasts, will reach Rahul to Rajiv Gandhi

Bhopal. Congress leader ’s yatra has not yet entered Madhya Pradesh and he has received death threats. A letter found in a shop in Indore said that when reaches Khalsa College, there will be an attack and Indore will be rocked by bomb blasts. Rahul will also be taken to Rajiv Gandhi. The name of Ratlam MLA Chetan Kashyam is written below the sender of the letter on the envelope. However, Kashyap is out and termed the letter as a conspiracy to defame him. Tell me, is going to enter Madhya Pradesh on 23rd with and his meeting is proposed in Indore on 28th.

Begin the letter by writing Wahe Guru

Wahe Guru is written first in the letter found in Indore. After this it was written that in 1984 there were fierce riots in the whole country. Sikhs were massacred. No party raised its voice against this atrocity. (After this objectionable words against Kamal Nath). It has been further written in the letter that in the last month of November there will be terrible bomb blasts at various places in Indore. Entire Indore will be shaken by the bomb blasts. Very soon Kamal Nath will also be shot at the time of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Indore. Rahul Gandhi will also be sent to Rajiv Gandhi.

Name of any Gyan Singh below the letter

It has also been written in the letter that in the last week of November 2022, the entire Indore will be shaken by bomb blasts. Rajbada will be made a special target. At the bottom of the letter, the name of a Gyansingh is written. Along with this, many mobile numbers are also registered in the letter. A photocopy of an Aadhaar card has also been sent along with the letter.

Search on the basis of CCTV footage

After receiving the letter, the police became active. Police is investigating on the basis of CCTV footage and also looking for the accused. The person threatening to kill is unknown, so all possible efforts are being made to trace him.

rhetoric began

Rhetoric has also started regarding the threatening letter. Kamal Nath said that I have met the Chief Minister as well. Security is the responsibility of the government. Arun Yadav has said that we are not afraid of such threats. Any attempt to stop the will not be successful. State BJP President VD Sharma and State Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput termed the letter as a stunt.

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