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This leader of Madhya Pradesh told PM Modi a fake Hanuman devotee

MP Congress: Before the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, the main focus of Congress is on the politics of Gwalior Chambal division. Because the Congress has fielded his staunch opponent Ajay Singh Rahul Bhaiya to defeat Maharaj Scindia in Gwalior Chambal. Ajay Singh has started election strategy and rhetoric as soon as he enters the field.

Called Modi a fake Hanuman devotee

During the period of Gwalior Chambal, Ajay Singh has called PM Modi a fake Hanuman devotee. He has said that the way BJP tried to mislead the people by doing false politics in the name of Hanuman ji in Karnataka, but the people of Karnataka untied PM Modi. Because Modi is not a Hanuman devotee, but a fake Hanuman devotee.

Congress government will be formed in MP

Ajay Singh Rahul Bhaiya further said that Scindia was not under any misconception that the Congress government in the state was formed not on his own but on his own. And once again Congress is going to form the government in the state. On Karnataka formula, he has said that the conditions of MP are different, so Karnataka formula will not work in MP.

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