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The municipal commissioner also attached the electricity and tap connections of the tax defaulters, inspected the camps

Bhopal. Municipal Commissioner KBS Chowdhary visited various wards of the capital and inspected the camps set up under the Ladli Bahna scheme. On the other hand, the electricity and tap connections of the tax defaulters should be disconnected in front of them. Locks were also installed in many institutions. The commissioner told in clear words to all the municipal corporation workers engaged in this work that negligence will not be tolerated in any work, whether it is the Ladli Bahna Yojana or the work of revenue collection.

Announcement for depositing tax

Seeing the attitude of the municipal commissioner, all the employees remained present at their workplace from morning till evening. According to these employees, Commissioner KBS Chowdhary is also not taking lunch break these days. According to the Commissioner, a constant vigil is being kept in the ward and zone offices, so that work can be done on time and no woman should face any problem. During this, the commissioner himself announced through Mike and asked the people to deposit the tax on time. Also warned that if the amount is not deposited till Monday, attachment action will be taken.

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