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The Bageshwar Sarkar: The film The Bageshwar Sarkar to be made after The Kerala Story, announced

The Bageshwar Sarkar: Not only in Madhya Pradesh but across the seven seas, a film is going to be made on Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Bageshwar Sarkar, a famous storyteller. The name of the film will be The Bargeshwar Sarkar. The film has been announced. This announcement has been made by film director Vinod Tiwari.

Film director Vinod Tiwari has told that the film will be based on the life of Pandit Dhirendra Shastri. Director Tiwari said that till now people must have seen negativity films on Hindu sages and saints, but The Bageshwar Sarkar will be the positivity film of this era.

Why is the film being made

Mumbai’s film director Vinod Tiwari says that there are people in the world who believe in Baba Bageshwar Sarkar. People love him very much. That’s why seeing people’s love, I have decided to make a film. In the film Baba’s struggle, he will be told the things related to life. Vinod Tiwari said that he has been greatly influenced by Baba.

The film will be released in many languages

Vinod Tiwari told that the film made on Baba Bageshwar will be released in languages ​​other than Hindi. Let us tell you that Baba of Bageshwar Dham had recently gone to Patna in Bihar. Where he had set up his grand court, after that he went to Jaisinagar in Madhya Pradesh to do Katha.

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