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Shivpuri News : Maharaj Scindia apologized with folded hands from the full stage, said forgive me.

Shivpuri: In the election year of the assembly, the leaders of every party have become active in their respective areas. Even though the Lok Sabha elections will be held next year, but on the ground the leaders have started preparing for it. Something similar has been seen in Shivpuri, where Maharaj Scindia said something from the stage, which people would not have even thought.

In fact, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia is also now seen to be active in Gwalior parliamentary seat as well as Shivpuri Guna parliamentary constituency. During the Shivpuri tour, Maharaj Scindia held separate meeting and dialogue programs with various social organizations. On the other hand, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, who reached the dialogue program of Vaish Samaj on Monday, apologized with folded hands from the stage during the speech.

A video of Maharaj Scindia apologizing is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Scindia said from the stage that forgive me for whatever mistakes I may have made knowingly or unknowingly. I apologize for whatever mistakes I have made. In fact, political experts are telling this whole matter as his opening stroke. On the other hand, only time will tell whether something new will be seen in the political corridors with this statement.

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