Sainik School: Student could not bear the psychological pressure, went out to commit suicide by writing a suicide note…


Sainik School: Student could not bear the psychological pressure, went out to commit suicide by writing a suicide note…

psychological pressure: Stuttering (not being able to speak properly) may be a normal thing for some people, how much impact it has on better career and personality, who can understand this more than that student of Sainik School. The student was so depressed that he left school to commit suicide by writing a suicide note.

The student, who returned from Delhi on Wednesday after going missing for three days, told the police that he wants to do very well in his career, but stammering is hindering him. He was under stress for a long time due to this disease. I used to feel suffocated inside. One day he got upset and left school. And reached near the river. Wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge, but did not have the courage. The school management has now made arrangements for counselling.

Statement recorded in court
A student studying in class 10th in Sainik School, Rewa had suddenly gone missing two days ago. On the complaint of the teacher, the police registered a case of kidnapping and started the search. Two days later, she was recovered from the bus stand, brought to the police station and recorded her statement under section 164 in the court. The student told the court that he had gone to Delhi on his own will. The court has handed him over to his family members. The student told that he came to Prayagraj from Delhi by train and from there reached Satna. Came to Rewa from Satna by bus.

had left after writing a suicide note
Police have recovered a suicide note from the student. After leaving school, he tried to jump into the Bihar river, but did not muster the courage. To commit suicide he came to the railway station and went to Delhi by train. Tried to commit suicide several times on the way. However, he later realized his mistake and returned home. Based on suspicion, the police was also searching for him in Bihar river.

Listen to children, don’t impose your views.
ASP Anil Sonkar said, a student studying in Sainik School had gone missing. He has been traced and handed over to his family. Now efforts will be made to bring him out of depression by giving counselling. Psychological expert said, communication with children is important. Instead of listening to children, we often try to impose our views. He gradually goes into depression. It is very important to listen to them. Also, if depression is detected, provide medical help.

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