Ruthless teacher: Teacher beats students badly in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Narmadapuram, one has fractured hand, 9 have injury marks on their body


Ruthless teacher: teacher beats students badly in kendriya vidyalaya, narmadapuram, one has fractured hand, 9 have injury marks on their body - news2news. In

Bhopal.The commerce teacher of PM Shree Kendriya Vidyalaya beat up the 11th class students severely. One student’s hand was fractured. There are injury marks on the bodies of 9 students. On the complaint of the students, the police have registered a case against the accused teacher and started investigation. The case pertains to PM Shri Kendriya Vidyalaya, Seoni Malwa in Narmadapuram district. The students of class 11 told that they were sitting in the class during the free period. Meanwhile, commerce teacher Rohit Thakur came and beat him up in the name of making noise.

Family members created ruckus in school, police pacified the matter
According to the information, Rohit Rajput, a commerce teacher of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Seoni Malwa, assaulted the 11th class students over some issue. A student’s hand got fractured due to teacher’s beating. The remaining 9 students were injured. After the incident the family members reached the school and created a ruckus. On receiving the information, Seoni Malwa police reached and pacified the matter. The injured students were treated at the Community Health Center, Seoni Malwa.

Child's hand fracture

Teacher absconding, police searching
The teacher who assaulted the students has absconded seeing the opportunity. Ashutosh Yogi, Pratyaksha Yadav, Aman Khan, Naval Singh Chauhan, Ayush Damna, Atharva Malviya, Sumit Pal, Ayushman Verma, Alok Lovanshi and Amit Raj Yadav were injured in the beating of the teacher. On the complaint of the students, the police have registered a case of assault against the accused teacher Rohit Rajput. Police is busy searching for the teacher.

Suture:The teacher had brutally beaten the student
Let us tell you that on Monday, in Pusera Primary School of Seoni district also, a student was beaten badly by the teacher. The student has been admitted to the hospital. The teacher has been accused of beating a student after drinking alcohol. Teacher Tejlal Baghel beat up a 7 year old student who went to drink water. The student reached home crying and narrated his ordeal to his parents. The teacher beat him so much that he got red marks on his hands. The family took him to the district hospital, where his treatment is ongoing. The family has accused teacher Tejlal Baghel of beating the child after drinking alcohol. A complaint has been lodged against the teacher in the police station demanding strict action.

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