Revenue Minister Govind Rajput said- Patwari is the foundation stone of Revenue Department, attended the conference


Revenue Minister Govind Rajput said- Patwari is the foundation stone of Revenue Department, attended the conference

Bhopal. Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput, who participated in the provincial conference of State Patwari Union, said that Patwari is the first link of the revenue department, through which the entire revenue work can be conducted systematically and smoothly. The foundation stone of the Revenue Department is our Patwari. The stronger they are, the bigger the building will be able to stand. That is why the BJP government has hi-teched the Patwaris. There was a time when Patwaris used to go from village to village with a school bag, but now the BJP government has given laptops to the Patwaris, so that they have got freedom from the burden of the school bag. Also, many works are done immediately in a state-of-the-art manner. Rajput said that I always stand with the Patwaris for all their problems.

Change happens with determination, not with pressure

In his speech, Rajput said that Patwaris should give some thought to improve their image. Whoever comes to him, see the image of his family members in him and then work, then you yourself will not be able to delay his work. Due to some shortcomings, the good works of Patwaris are hidden, so we have to take a resolution that we have to make our image better in the public and by doing more and more work, the common people have to get rid of the problems. Because pressure doesn’t change, you can make this change by taking a resolution from your mind.

View office land in Sagar

Rajput announced on the demand of patwaris in the provincial conference that we will try to see the land for patwari’s office in Sagar and accept it, which was welcomed by all the patwaris with clapping sound.

trust the minister, will not strike

Madhya Pradesh Patwari Sangh President Upendra Baghel said in his address at the provincial conference of Patwari Sangh that many department officials and employees are going on strike but all of us will not do any strike for our demands because we have faith in our minister, he always We have supported people, understood every problem like a family. Baghel said that action is taken on all our demands without any memorandum, so we all will continue to work in the public service in the same way without any strike and memorandum. Some demands of the Patwaris were discussed by Baghel, on which the Revenue and Transport Minister assured them to resolve the problems while assuring them.

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