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Repair of 50 years old over bridge completed, Vishwas Sarang inaugurated, vehicles will run again

Bhopal : Madhya Pradesh’s Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang inaugurated the bridge at 8 am today. Let us tell you that after about 6 months, the traffic will start again on the Bharat Talkies Over Bridge, which directly connects the large population of Bhopal with the railway station. Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang inspected the bridge. During this Sarang Bole Bridge was built in 1972, the barrings of the bridge were completely destroyed, we had prepared a draft for the repair of the bridge by inspection in the past days.

Vishwas Sarang drives a jeep over the bridge

The bridge has had 360 barrings and 15 expansion joints replaced, leaving the bridge completely whitewashed and ready for many years to come. The officials were given a deadline that the traffic on the bridge has to be started by May 25. Due to which the work should be completed on time which happened. The traffic trial will run on the bridge for about 12 days, then asphalting will be done. During this, the minister also drove a jeep over the bridge. Mayor Malti Rai was also present with him during this inauguration.

Rob is 50 years old

Bharat Talkies ROB was formed in the year 1973. Through this, there is better connectivity with Ashoka Garden, platform number-1 and 6 of railway station, new and old city including Karond and more than 2 lakh people pass over it every day. Nearly 50 years have passed since the bridge was built. It was in need of repair, as the condition of the bridge was not good at some places. So the repairs were started. Rs 2 crore is being spent for civil work and other works.

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