Rare case in MP: Two babies born in the ocean connected by one heart, even doctors are surprised to see them, searching for treatment in books


Rare case in mp: two babies born in the ocean connected by one heart, even doctors are surprised to see them, searching for treatment in books - news2news. In

Bhopal. Two bodies and one heart. Such conjoined twins born in the ocean remain a mystery to medical science. The two have to be separated due to rare anatomical features. Regarding these one-day-old children who came to Bhopal AIIMS, doctors say that this is not a normal case. Such a case happens once in two lakhs. If there are two bodies, it is also necessary to have two hearts. Therefore, doctors are searching medical science books to solve the mystery. Doctors say that till now not a single successful surgery has been done. However, AIIMS doctors have not given up. The team of cardiologist and pediatrician is investigating so that some method can be found by which these innocent lives can embark on the journey of life with a smile.

Doctors are engaged in successful surgery of the child
Its treatment is so difficult that till date not a single successful operation has been done in such a case in the whole world. However, doctors of AIIMS Bhopal say that they have not given up yet. Right now the child is one day old. He came to the hospital on Wednesday itself after being referred from Sagar district. There are still many investigations left. Doctors say that we will try our best to ensure that the child undergoes surgery.

If needed, help from top doctors of the country will also be taken.
According to AIIMS doctors, first of all it is important to do every important examination of the child. So that the entire situation can be understood. After this, a way will be found by discussing it with every necessary doctor including cardiologist and pediatric specialist. If needed, help from the biggest doctors of the country will also be taken.

There is still hope after 24 hours are over
Children joined in this way are called therapogamy in medical science. In most such cases, half are born dead. And one third die within 24 hours. But in the case that came to AIIMS, more than 24 hours have passed since the child died. After this, in many cases such victims survive for tens of years. It all depends on the heart capacity of the children. If the child’s heart can bear the load of both the bodies then this child can survive even without surgery.

what is therocopagus
Therocopagus is a phenomenon in which 40 percent of conjoined twins are conjoined at the chest. These twins always have one heart. In case of conjoined twins, two embryos develop together. If these two embryos do not separate after the last day of development, then only fused children are born.

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