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Rambhadracharya Maharaj demands Chief Minister Shivraj Singh to rename Bhopal as Bhojpal

News2News.in News, Bhopal: Until the name of Bhopal, the city of Raja Bhoj, becomes Bhojpal, he will not come to Bhopal to narrate the next story. Earlier its name was Bhojpal, Raja Bhoj whose foster was, he is Bhojpal. We can convert Faizabad to Ayodhya, Allahabad to Prayagraj, Hoshangabad to Narmadapuram, so can’t Bhopal be Bhojpal. I will ask my younger brother Chief Minister Shivraj Singh to change its name before this election. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Maharaj said this on Monday, the first day of Shri Ram Katha going on at the Bhel Dussehra ground in the capital.

Starting Shri Ram Katha with the melodious bhajan of Shri Ram Chandra Kripal Bhajman, Maharaj told that he has done 1360 stories till now, this is the 1361st story. Maharaj said that I will tell the story for nine days on the same cattle. This chaupai is in the fifth line of the tenth chapter of Uttarakand. In the following story, it is told that when Shri Ram conquered Lanka after killing Ravana and giving the kingdom to Vibhishan, took Sita and the entire monkey army from Pushpak Viman and returned to Ayodhya, Vashishtha called all the Brahmins and said that a beautiful time has come. Is. Gods happily order that Ramchandra sits on the throne.

Hindu girls are trapped in the name of love jihad

Maharaj said that Hindu girls are being trapped in the name of Love Jihad, because our youth are not getting the right direction and guidance. The youth need to follow the path of Ramchandra. Maharaj said that impress someone not by face but by your character. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Maharaj said that whatever I say, I say with full responsibility and it is fulfilled. I had said that the decision of Ram Janmabhoomi came in our favor. Article 370 was removed from Kashmir, triple talaq ended. PoK should be removed from the map of the world, it is ours and we will take it. Maharaj said that whoever wants complete integrity of the nation should come to our story. We performed 1008 Kundiya Yagya after Vishwamitra in Tretayuga. At the beginning of the story, in the welcome of Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Maharaj, Mahant Rampravesh Das Maharaj of Guf Mandir presented the bhajan Gaiya Lagai Mohe Pyari, Jagpalan Hari, explaining the importance of the cow.

Kalash Yatra started by taking out

At the beginning of Shri Ram Katha, Kalash Yatra was taken out from Shri Krishna Temple at Barkheda from 2 pm. About five hundred women were carrying a kalash on their heads in the yatra, while thousands of women, men and children were dancing and singing to the beats of the DJ and drums. Let us tell you that the nine-day Shri Ram Katha will be done till January 31 from the Mukharvindu of Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Maharaj.

Received on arrival at the airport

On reaching Bhopal, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Maharaj was greeted at the airport by Mahant Rampravesh Das Maharaj of Cave Temple, Organizing Committee President Sunil Yadav, Convener Vikas Virani, General Secretary Harish Kumar Ram, Vice President Virendra Tiwari, Narayan Singh Parmar and all the office bearers and dignitaries of the Mela Committee. Welcomed and felicitated by wearing flower garlands and Ramnami.

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