Priyanka in MP: Why did you remember sisters only three months ago, 17 women are being raped every day: Priyanka


Priyanka in MP: Why did you remember sisters only three months ago, 17 women are being raped every day: Priyanka

edge. All the political leaders are holding meetings and tours at various places regarding the Vidhan Sabha elections. As the elections approach, these tours have gained momentum. In this connection, Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today reached Kukshi assembly in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Here in Dahi he addressed the election meeting. He started his speech by saying that he felt proud to come to Dhar. After this, Indira Gandhi started attacking the central government, saying that it should make policies beneficial to the public. After this she left for Indore.

profit policies

National General Secretary of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said in her address that, I am very proud to come here, this is a sacred land. You all know that I am the granddaughter of Indira Gandhiji. You all respected him a lot and had a lot of respect for him. He had a lot of respect and reverence for you too. She understood your culture, so she and Jawaharlal Nehru made policies for your benefit.

Why did you remember my sisters only 3 months ago?

After this, she turned towards Shivraj and said, why did uncle remember his sisters only 3 months ago, even before that the sisters were taking up all the responsibilities. Their government has been in power for the last 18 years, did they not remember then? They brought reservation bill for women, but why will it be implemented after 10 years. We say do it now, what is the problem in implementing it now? Also, regarding the matter of counting caste based votes, he said that we said that counting of votes based on caste should be done so that all sections can get benefits but their mouth remains shut. You must have seen one of their videos. But even before the elections the Chief Minister washed his feet. We have to ask what is the intention of the government.

17 women raped every day

After continuously accusing Shivraj, he also expressed his views on the safety of women. She said that there is no safety of women in your state, 17 women are raped every day. You have seen in 18 years, suffered corruption, suffered inflation, suffered unemployment, now you have to think whether to tolerate their atrocities for the next 5 years or not.

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