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politics kaml patel, kamlnath: Kamal Patel now called Digvijay and Kamal Nath old, gave information on onion prices

Indore.Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel (kaml patel) has once again heated up political statements by calling former chief ministers Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath old pershon. Taking the names of these leaders, Patel has said that now in old age these people have lost their mental balance. There is no effect of his talk and the more he speaks, the more he roams, the more Congress will be harmed.

He said that these people had duped the public last time by telling lies. The public is not going to fall in the trap of this thug Nath. Now the public will tell them come on, come on, they have become very stupid, they are not going to be so now.

Patel has said that even he himself does not understand what Digvijay Singh says and what not. He has gone sulky, old age has come and Kamal Nath calls Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary auspicious day, the day he was assassinated.

onion insurance is expensive

In the same week, BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya also made a similar statement on the same Congress leaders. Its minister Kamal Patel has targeted Digvijay Singh while reacting to a statement in the midst of a press conference during a programme. In the matter of onion prices in Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Patel has said that onion insurance is expensive due to which farmers do not get this insurance done.

He said that the government is conducting a survey of poor farmers. The government will compensate the farmers for whatever losses they have suffered. He said that the production of wheat in Madhya Pradesh has decreased this year as compared to last year because now farmers are turning towards diversification.

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