Political diary of Madhya Pradesh: How could the leadership accommodate a leader like Shivraj Singh Chauhan?


Political diary of Madhya Pradesh: How could the leadership accommodate a leader like Shivraj Singh Chauhan?

Shivraj Singh Chauhan: (Dinesh Nigam ‘Tyagi’):After the assembly elections, there was a lot of speculation about former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. After Dr. Mohan Yadav became the Chief Minister, many analysts even started predicting the end of his political career. Such speculations gained more strength when Shivraj appeared upset due to not being able to become the Chief Minister. Gave some such statements which were considered a challenge to the BJP leadership. When women were seen hugging and crying, it was called politics of pressure.

When Union Minister Ramdas Athawale said that Shivraj Singh will contest the Lok Sabha elections and become an MP, speculations started about his Lok Sabha constituency. In a BJP meeting, State Urban Administration Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya suggested Shivraj to contest from Chhindwara. Then it was said that Shivraj would like to contest from either Bhopal or Vidisha, but he is being made a scapegoat by putting forward his name from Chhindwara.

However, when BJP announced Shivraj’s name from its preferred seat Vidisha, it was decided that the party could not accommodate such a popular leader. Not only this, their preferences were kept in mind while distributing tickets. Along with Alok Sharma, many of his other supporters were made candidates in Bhopal.

This is how branding of ‘Mohan’ is happening among Yaduvanshis.
The goals that the BJP leadership had set by making Dr. Mohan Yadav the Chief Minister have started being achieved. The most important thing was to give the message to the Yaduvanshis of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in our own way. Dr. Yadav participated in the Yadav Mahakumbh organized in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. They are reaching the program, its promotion had already started. The banners that were put up along with his photo read that ‘Ram-Krishna opponents give up, Yadav is now with Mohan’. He himself gave the slogan ‘Jai Madhav, Jai Yadav’. An attempt was made to tell the Yadav community that Akhilesh Yadav and the people associated with him in Uttar Pradesh are opponents of Ram and Krishna while Dr. Mohan Yadav is their devotee. An attempt was made to convey the message that ‘the real leader of the Yaduvanshis is Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, not Akhilesh and Tejashwi.’ How far this arrow of BJP hit the target will be known from the coming results.

At present, such branding of Dr. Yadav is going on in both the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Mohan Yadav has already started a campaign to attract the society towards himself in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, he has offered the people of the society to visit Madhya Pradesh and get employment. He has taken many meetings with a view to the elections in Uttar Pradesh. There are preparations to use them in the Lok Sabha elections also.

Look, Sadhvi Uma has no place in politics.
Seeing the first list of Lok Sabha candidates released by BJP, it became clear that the party’s firebrand leader Sadhvi Uma Bharti has no place in politics. Since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, she was saying that she will definitely contest the 2024 elections. She kept repeating this announcement till two months ago. There were speculations about his contesting elections from Khajuraho, Bhopal and Jhansi.

Recently, she met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at his residence in Lucknow, but when BJP released the list of candidates, Uma’s name was missing. The names of VD Sharma from Khajuraho, Alok Sharma from Bhopal and Anurag Sharma from Jhansi had been announced. It was clear that his intentions had been defeated. The BJP leadership did not respect the announcement of its fire brand leader, whereas at one time Uma was the talk of the town in the BJP. Whatever she wanted, happened. Tickets were available wherever you wanted. However, he himself is most responsible for his condition. Due to his statements, announcements and actions he has tarnished his reputation. For some time, she has been in the news as a leader who can say anything and take a backlash. It has also been indicated that there are no more people with him. Probably that is why BJP did not care about him, and made him sit at home.

Narottam’s proximity to Amit Shah did not work
The closeness of former minister Narottam Mishra to the second most powerful leader of BJP, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, is not hidden from anyone. It was expected that if any of the leaders who lost the assembly elections got the Lok Sabha ticket, Narottam would also get it. But this could not happen. His proximity to Shah did not help. In the list of 24 Lok Sabha candidates of the state released by BJP, the names of 5 leaders who lost the elections are there, but not that of Narottam. The special thing is that Union Minister Faggan Singh Kulaste and MP Ganesh Singh also got tickets from Mandla and Satna respectively. Both of them contested the assembly elections and lost.

There was a possibility that since the Union Minister and MP had lost the election from the assembly seat of their Lok Sabha constituency, they would not get the Lok Sabha ticket. But the BJP leadership surprised him by giving him the ticket. Bharat Singh Kushwaha, Rahul Lodhi and Alok Sharma, who lost the assembly elections, were also given a chance but remained Narottam. Narottam is counted among the powerful leaders of the state. His name is included among the contenders for Chief Ministership. Not only Amit Shah, he has good relations with most of the central leaders of BJP. Still he did not get the ticket. The reasons for this are being searched.

Nakul Nath ji, I wish this statement of yours had come earlier.
It is said, ‘What would happen if you regain consciousness after losing everything?’ After the latest statements of Kamal Nath and his MP son Nakul Nath, many people have started quoting this saying. The matter is related to the news about his joining BJP. If Kamal Nath and Nakul Nath had given such statements in the beginning, which are being given now, then neither the Congress would have been shamed nor they themselves would have been embarrassed. Earlier, if asked a question about joining BJP, he would have said, ‘Whatever decision will be taken, it will be in the interest of the development of Chhindwara and the people here.’ Also, ‘When I go, I will tell the media.’ ‘Right now I am going in the thirteenth class, if you also want to come then let’s go.’ Never said that the news going on about my joining BJP is baseless.

MP’s son Nakul was four steps ahead. He had removed the name and symbol of Congress from his ax handle. Along with him, Kamal Nath’s staunch supporters like Sajjan Singh Verma had also removed Congress from its social media handles. They were saying that wherever Kamal Nath goes, we will also go there. Now Kamal Nath is saying that this was spread by the media, only he should refute it. Nakul Nath now said that ‘neither he is going to BJP nor Kamal Nath.’ But now Raita has spread so much that it is very difficult to contain it. Alas, his statement would have come earlier.

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