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Passengers traveling in the train in the harsh winter are not getting blankets and sheets on time

Passengers traveling in the train in the harsh winter are not getting blankets and sheets on time - news2news. In

These days it is getting cold in many parts of the country. In this harsh winter, the railway passengers have to worry for blankets and sheets. In fact, from the month of June, the Railways had started the facility of blankets and sheets in all the trains. But these days, in the winter season, the coach attendants are not giving blankets and sheets to the passengers even after repeated requests. Due to which the passengers are facing trouble during the journey. On an average, 46-47 complaints are being received on Twitter and Railway helpline numbers regarding these matters. So on the other hand, Bhopal Railway Division is also getting about 5-6 such complaints. It is notable that about 4000 sheets and blankets are offered in various trains by Bhopal division. On which about 48 lakh rupees are spent every month by the board.

Increasing complaints of non-availability of blankets for passengers who are chilling due to cold

As soon as the winter season starts, complaints about the blankets and sheets of railway passengers have started increasing. For the last 15 days, around 675 complaints regarding blankets and sheets from across the country were made through railway control, Twitter and helpline numbers. In this, 60 to 70 complaints are related to trains passing through Bhopal Railway Division. In some of these passengers have accused the coach attendant of demanding money. Due to this, the passengers are in bad condition due to cold. On the other hand, senior railway officials believe that whatever complaints or calls are being received by passengers for help on Twitter, Rail Madad portal and 139 helpline number, all those cases are being resolved on priority. If a passenger complains on these, then the control staff informs the concerned employees and officers after registering that complaint. After this help is provided to the passenger.

Case-1 could not sleep, excessive cold and wife heart patient attendant did not give blanket

A Twitter user Shyam Meena complained to the Railways that he was traveling with his wife in Coach-A of Pushpak Express. During this the coach attendant did not give blanket and sheet. After which the blanket was not given for an hour after repeatedly asking the attendant. The wife has got cold and is a heart patient. Because of this he could not sleep the whole night.

Case-2 Bed sheet not given for three hours in Kamyani

In train number 11072, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal, who was traveling with his family members on seat 37 and 38 in AC-3 coach, got the sheet after about four hours. When the blanket sheet was not received after about three hours of repeated speaking to the coach attendant. Then he complained about the matter on Twitter. During this, the family members were troubled by the cold. Apart from this, other women traveling in the train also had to worry.

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