Pari Bazaar: Bhopal’s heritage seen on stage, artists depicted colors of culture, mesmerized with storytelling and ghazals.


Pari bazaar: bhopal's heritage seen on stage, artists depicted colors of culture, mesmerized with storytelling and ghazals. - news2news. In

Pari Bazaar: The four-day fairy market organized at Gauhar Hal, Bhopal was inaugurated by Governor Mangubhai Patel on Thursday. Begum of Bhopal Club has organized this event for the fourth consecutive year. Artists from all over the state attracted everyone with their Gond, Bhil and Baiga paintings. Vanya’s stall based on tribal cuisine has made people’s mouth water. Secretary Tamsil Khan, Vice President Veenu Dheer, President Rakhshan Zahid were present.

Governor Mangubhai Patel was mainly present at the inauguration of Pari Bazaar. During this, he said that the way the team of Begums of Bhopal has maintained the Ganga Jamuna culture of Bhopal is commendable. He said that one gets the opportunity to see the age-old art and culture of Bhopal in this market. The Governor said that it was a pleasure to see that you people connected the women associated with different self-help groups and gave a platform to their skills. I hope that you guys will continue to work in this beautiful manner in the future.

Gond artists presented
In the cultural presentations held on Thursday evening, traditional Ahir group dance of Gond tribe was presented by Vanya. The tricks of Radhe Krishna were shown through folk dance. Deepak and the group’s artists gave a captivating presentation. In this presentation of about 15 minutes, the artists introduced their folk art and culture.

20 women honored
20 women were honored at the ceremony. In this, Dr. Usha Khare, Natasha Khan for education, Mamta Tiwari for art and literature, Farha Anwar for beauty were honored.

Stock market
The participants got respect in the Pari Bazaar organized at Gauhar Mahal, Bhopal.

Culture, language and customs were discussed in the discussion on Bhopal.
In the panel discussion session, architect Meera Das, MANIT professor Savita Raje, poet Rajesh Joshi, Khalid Ghani, Ashar Kidwai, Mumtaz Khan and Razia Hamid discussed the city of Bhopal. In this session, Mumtaz Khan talked about Bhopal culture and Bhopal language. He said – The people of Bhopal are so nice that even if a stranger asks them for an address, they drop him off at home.

Pari bazaar
Pari Bazaar

Discussion on Bhopal’s dishes and chefs
In the storytelling session, Bhopal’s historian Sikandar Malik told about the food history of Bhopal. He said – Because of their hunting habit, the men of Bhopal have always been very good at cooking. People have a misconception that Bhopal was a Muslim princely state, so most of the food here is non-veg. In this city, veg dishes were celebrated as well as non-veg dishes.

Sama tied with ghazal presentation
The first evening of Pari Bazaar was filled with ghazals. During this, Tariq Ansari graced the occasion by presenting one ghazal. When Tariq saw you, this thought came to me… He started the presentation by reciting a ghazal. After this, he gave a mesmerizing presentation of ghazals like ‘Honto Se Chhu Lo Tum…’, ‘Woh Kaagaz Ki Kasti, That Rain Water’, ‘Tum Itna Jo Muskaar Ho…’, ‘Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar…’. At the end of the presentation, Tariq ended the presentation by reciting the ghazal ‘What news to the conscious people… and don’t insist on going today’.

Presentation: Madhurima Rajpal

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