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Old man died after falling from bike

Elderly Hammal died due to falling from the bike on Friday morning at the Central Warehouse located in Chhola Mandir police station area. At the time of the incident, he was roaming in the ware house sitting on a bike with the guard. Police has started investigation by establishing a marg.

According to the police, Harnam Singh’s father Narayan Singh (60) lived in Shankar Nagar Chhola. He used to do hammali at the Central Warehouse. On Friday morning, he reached the Central Warehouse as usual. At around 10:30 in the morning, he was roaming in the warehouse with the guard of the warehouse sitting on a bike. During this, he fell from the moving bike in the warehouse itself. The guards and Hammal present there took him to a private hospital for treatment, where he died during treatment. The police got information about the incident around 7.30 pm. Police recovered Harnam’s body and sent it to PM. Police say that the family had told not to merge and not to take any action, but the police advised them and they agreed to get the PM done.

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