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New initiative of MP Vidhansabha – Any person can send complaint application to the Vidhansabha, action will be taken on it

Bhopal. Vidhansabha Speaker Girish Gautam said that usually the government, administration and police continue to do their work, but they have decided that if any person directly gives an application to the Vidhansabha regarding his problems etc., the Vidhansabha will take action on it. will start. The officers will also be questioned in this matter. This will happen at any time, not only during the assembly session. New initiative of MP Vidhansabha – Any person can send complaint application to the Vidhansabha, action will be taken on it

Speaker Gautam was addressing the annual program of ‘Sneh Milan Program’ of former MLAs organized in the assembly premises on Saturday. During this, he honored many senior and former MLAs. Former members included Dr. Gaurishankar Shejwar, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Narayan Keshari, Maya Singh, Bijendra Singh, Jaswant Singh, Gyan Singh and Raghunandan Sharma, including several senior and former MLAs. More than 300 former assembly members were present in the conference. Gautam said that a question has started to arise regarding the dignity of the Vidhansabha. There is a situation of conflict between the executive and the judiciary. We are Gangotri and both of these flows through us. If we make laws, then the judges decide on them. Everyone has to think about this.

There are three situations in front of those who do political work-

Gautam said that a person doing political work has three conditions. One is the regret of the past. In the second the present challenges and its condition, in the third the fear of the future. Everyone has to pass through these three. He said that in such a situation, former MLAs will always have to keep their mind strong. Only then the fear of future can be ended. He also said that currently MLAs get Rs 35,000 as pension, but they are trying to increase it to at least Rs 60,000.

Many types of challenges in front of former MLAs-

Gautam said there was a need to frame and refine rules, procedures to run the assembly. The work done by the former MLAs in adverse circumstances is the result of that the developed and feature-rich form of the Vidhansabha is being seen today. He said that one of the objectives of organizing this conference of former MLAs is that the citizens of the state can get information about their contribution.

Several initiatives have been taken for former MLAs-

Vidhansabha Speaker Gautam told that many major initiatives have been taken. Arrangements have been made for former MLAs to stay in the MLA Rest House for six days in a month and have free refreshments. In the MLA Rest House, 25 rooms have been reserved for former MLAs and 5 rooms have been reserved for former women MLAs. Like the members in the restaurant, separate seating arrangements have been made for the former MLAs as well. Efforts are on to provide facilities to former presidents at par with former chief ministers. A letter recommended by the Vidhan Sabha has been sent to the government for inclusion of former MLAs in the protocol. Efforts will be made to give eligibility to former MLAs for fastag in a vehicle and travel in AC first class in rail.

Many former members gave suggestions-

Senior ex-member and National General Secretary of BJP Kailash Vijayvargiya shared his experiences of the year 1990 along with the praise of the Speaker of the Assembly for such an event. Former leader Pratipak Gaurishankar Shejwar suggested where the Council and the committee formed in the Vidhan Sabha should be united. Former assembly members should be made special invitee members of the District Planning Committee, so that they can contribute in the development of the district on the basis of their experience. Former minister Kailash Chawla and former MP Narayan Keshari addressed. Former MP Raghunandan Sharma expressed gratitude.

MP Vidhansabha is counted as one of the best Vidhansabha

In the beginning of the program, the Principal Secretary of Vidhansabha, AP Shri Singh said that Madhya Pradesh Vidhansabha has a golden history and Madhya Pradesh Vidhansabha is counted as one of the best Vidhansabha in the whole country, for whose excellence the work of making it a reality has been given to him. Only members do. Singh said that it is the endeavor of the Speaker that the facilities given to the former members should be given to them with respect.


Narayan Keshari —— 98 years old, former Keshari member has been MP twice and MLA twice. They say that they are not heard anywhere now. Even the peon refuses that sir will not talk now. The government should take steps on this. The respect of former members should be maintained.

Kamta Prasad Bemte — has been an MLA from the Jana Sangh era. He is 80 years old. But he has no complaints. They say that I roam across the country. Never felt disrespected by anyone.

Jaswant Singh – MLA from Bareilly Raisen was also honored today. They say that things are not the same as before. People pay attention, but now the officers do not listen to them. The government should do something on this.


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