MP Weather Update: Fog covered these 12 districts of Madhya Pradesh, Rewa-Satna and Khajuraho were the coldest.


Mp weather update: fog covered these 12 districts of madhya pradesh, rewa-satna and khajuraho were the coldest. - news2news. In

MP Weather Update: On Thursday morning, there was light to moderate fog in 12 districts of the state including Gwalior and Bhopal. At the same time, light rain was recorded in Sidhi district on Wednesday. For Thursday, the Meteorological Department has predicted cloudy weather in Rewa and Sagar divisions. The day temperature will remain low on average. Due to humidity, light drizzle may occur in some areas. After the system passes, night temperatures may drop by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius from Friday.

Dr. Divya E. Surendran, Senior Scientist of the Meteorological Department, Bhopal, said that along with the cyclonic circulation, the trough line is also passing over the Marathwada division of Maharashtra. Due to this effect, there is rain activity in some parts of Madhya Pradesh.

At the same time, senior meteorologist Dr. Vedprakash Singh said that the weather changed due to the cyclonic circulation at the local level around Rewa division. At the same time, southern winds were active and bringing moisture from the Bay of Bengal. Due to this, the weather changed in many cities on Wednesday also.


Rewa-Satna, Khajuraho are the coldest

On Wednesday, Rewa, Satna and Khajuraho were the coldest in Madhya Pradesh. The day temperature was 23.4 degrees Celsius in Rewa, 23.6 degrees in Satna and 23.8 degrees Celsius in Khajuraho. In Naugaon and Pachmarhi also the mercury remained below 25 degrees Celsius. Seoni, Betul, Dhar, Mandla, Khandwa and Khargone had the highest temperatures. The temperature here was recorded above 29 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature of 31.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Khargone. Talking about big cities, mercury was recorded at 27 degrees in Bhopal, 27.2 degrees in Indore, 25.9 degrees in Gwalior, 24 degrees in Jabalpur and 28.7 degrees Celsius in Ujjain.

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