MP Weather News: Severe cold continues in MP, minimum temperature drops to 3.0 degrees, Pachmarhi is the coldest.


Mp weather news: severe cold continues in mp, minimum temperature drops to 3. 0 degrees, pachmarhi is the coldest. - news2news. In

Madhya Pradesh Today Weather News: There is relief during the day and severe cold at night in Madhya Pradesh. In many districts of the state the night temperature remained less than 10 degrees. In three districts the temperature remained below five degrees. In the last 24 hours the night temperature has dropped by 1 to 6.6 degrees. It was the coldest in Pachmarhi state. A temperature of 3.0 degrees was recorded here at night.

minimum temperature below 10°
Apart from this, the effect of cold wave was also seen in many cities. The minimum mercury was 3.4 in Khajuraho, 4.5 in Naugaon, 4.9 in Umaria, 5.0 degrees in Datia and Rajgarh. Except 10.6° in Narsinghpur, 10.6° in Narmadapuram, 10° in Tikamgarh, the minimum temperature in all the cities of the state was recorded below 10°.

There will be severe cold again after January 26
Meteorologist says that severe cold will continue in the state for the next 3 days. After this there will be some relief from cold. Two western disturbances are becoming active in North India since January 25. Its effect will also be visible in the state from January 27. However, light rain may also occur in Mahakaushal and Gwalior-Chambal divisions from January 25 and 26.

Know the weather of the last 24 hours
If we talk about the weather of Madhya Pradesh in the last 24 hours, Gwalior-Pachmarhi remained the coldest. The day temperature here remained below 20 degrees. Cold winds continued to blow in Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain and Jabalpur. There will be similar weather on Thursday also. There is a cold-day situation in Chhatarpur, Khargone, Khandwa and Seoni.

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