MP News: When he refused to abuse, a bomb was thrown at a tea shop, you will be surprised to know what happened next


MP News: When he refused to abuse, a bomb was thrown at a tea shop, you will be surprised to know what happened next

MP News: There was panic in Jabalpur due to bursting of pig bomb on Saturday night. This incident took place at a tea shop near Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College. The reason for throwing the bomb was said to be a refusal to abuse in front of the shop. This incident had created an atmosphere of panic in the area.

The name of the vicious criminal is coming out
Three people have been injured in this incident. Who have been admitted to the hospital. The accused who committed the crime fled after the incident. The name of the accused Rahul Kala involved in the incident is coming to light. Which is said to be from Gorakhpur police station area. Hearing the sound of the bomb exploding, people present at the spot were seen running here and there.

incident happened in tea shop
This incident happened when the tea shop was about to be closed. According to the information, a girl named Jayanti runs her shop in front of the medical college. She was going home after closing the shop with her two brothers. Then some people reached there and started arguing. After this they started abusing also.

Shrapnel entered the bodies of two people
When shop owner Jayanti asked them to leave the shop, the accused got angry and threw a pig bomb in Jayanti’s shop, in which Jayanti survived but her two brothers were also injured. It is being told that bomb fragments have entered the brother’s body. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Many cases are already registered against the accused
The victim told that while throwing the bomb, the accused were calling each other by the names Rahul Kala and Bhupendra. After getting information about the incident, Gadha police station reached the spot and started investigation. Police have collected remains of pig bomb from the spot. CSP Devendra Pratap Singh said that Rahul is a vicious criminal from Kala area, against whom many cases are already registered. Investigation is going on and soon the accused involved in the incident will be arrested.

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