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mp news: Sindhi Mahila Panchayat made adolescent girls aware by showing the film ‘The Kerala Story’, the trend has increased

Girls and women reached to watch the film ‘The Kerala Story’ in a theater of Bairagarh

Girls and women reached to watch the film ‘The Kerala Story’ in a theater of Bairagarh

Bhopal. The craze towards the film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been created among the public of Bhopal. Efforts are on to make the daughters aware in the society about the issues related to the film. Sindhi Mahila Panchayat and Sindhi Council of India in Bairagarh showed the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ free of cost to more than 100 adolescent girls and women. After watching the show, the president of the organization said that it was considered to show the show of this film for the purpose of making Sindhi society aware among the girls. He said that everyone should watch this film, especially the girls, so that they can be aware and avoid untoward incidents like love jihad. He said that many times girls get trapped in the trap of false love which ruins their lives.

Adolescent girls said there was a lot to learn

After watching the show of the film in the theatre, the girls of the Sindhi society told that they got to learn a lot by watching the film. Everyone said in one voice that girls from all over the country must watch this film. The program of the film show was made by the Sindhi Panchayat regarding the social awareness campaign. Women associated with the Panchayat organization and adolescent girls of the society were present on this occasion.

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