MP News: Jatav families in Shivpuri left Hinduism and adopted Buddhism, told this reason


MP News: Jatav families in Shivpuri left Hinduism and adopted Buddhism, told this reason

MP News: A case of religious conversion has come to light in Shivpuri district. In which about 40 Jatav families have adopted Buddhism on 31st January. Whose video is now going viral on social media. Those who converted to Buddhism say that they left Hinduism because of untouchability.

The matter is of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta was organized on 31 January in Bahgwan village of Shivpuri. In Bhagwat’s program, people of Jatav community were given the task of picking up false cards. Due to which the Jatav community got angry and a day before the Bhandara, 40 Jatav families left Hinduism and adopted Buddhism by taking membership from a Buddhist guru.

Village Sarpanch said
Regarding this matter, the Sarpanch said that no work in the village was distributed to any particular community. All communities have participated in this program. Everyone has picked up and served a false card. He did not believe in untouchability. All the allegations of Jatav community are baseless. Buddhist monks have come to the village and tried to induce religious conversion.

Collector said
Shivpuri Collector Ravindra Kumar Choudhary asked why so many families converted together. It is important to investigate this deeply, because it is not possible for any person to convert to religion in a day. This will be investigated in which the truth will be revealed only after investigation.

Buddhist religious guru said in oath
The Buddhist religious leader set up a tent in the village and administered the oath to the Jatav family. In which he said that I will never consider Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh as God nor will I ever worship them. I will never consider Ram and Vishnu as God nor will I ever worship them. I will not believe in or worship any deity of Hindu religion including Gauri, Ganapati.

He also said in the oath that I will never believe that God has ever incarnated. I will never believe that Lord Buddha is the incarnation of Vishnu. I consider such propaganda to be madness and false propaganda. I will never perform Shraddha nor offer Pind Daan. I will not perform any funeral rites at the hands of Brahmins. I will follow the principle that all human beings are equal. I will try to establish equality. I will try to follow the path of Lord Buddha.

I will have mercy on every living being. I will take care of them. I will never preach lies, drink alcohol, steal, or tell lies. I will try to mold my life on the basis of the three elements of Buddhism – knowledge, modesty and compassion. I completely abandon Hinduism, which is harmful to human excellence and considers man as inferior, and adopt Buddhism. I fully believe that Buddhism is the only religion. I believe that I am being born again. I pledge that from today onwards I will behave according to Buddhism.

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