MP News: Family steeped in superstition, burnt child’s body 51 times


MP News: Family steeped in superstition, burnt child’s body 51 times

Shahdol. The century is progressing, a huge amount of development is taking place in the cities too, but there are still many villages in India where blunt mentality is prevalent. Due to this expansion, many evil practices and superstitions are prevalent in India even today. Due to one of these superstitions, many innocent children have been burnt with hot rods. The name of the superstition that gives relief from this disease is ‘Dom’. In a tribal dominated village of Shahdol district, more than 10 children have been burnt with hot rods due to this superstition. Tribal people believe that this improves the health of children. But on the contrary, a child has been admitted to the Medical College of Shahdol due to critical condition. The reason is this superstition.

tainted infant

The matter is being reported from Hardi village of Sohagpur district panchayat. Actually, a person has admitted his one and a half month old infant in the Medical College of Shahdol. There are many marks of being burnt with hot rods on the child’s body. When information was sought from the father about this, he told that the child has been domesticated. When the marks on the child’s body were examined, marks of being shot with hot rods were seen at 51 places on his body. This is not the first incident of being dominated. More than 10 similar cases have come to light before this.

Why did you ‘dom’ the child?

Father Pradeep was asked the reason for this cruelty. Actually the child had pneumonia. Although the father did not know that it was pneumonia, according to him the child was having trouble breathing. Besides, his health is also bad. For its treatment, the family members of the child’s father had advised him to undergo DOM. The father also believed in this superstition and agreed to be domed. The father told that after this the child was domed. Obviously the child did not benefit from this and his condition remained the same. Even when the situation did not improve, the family members indulged in superstition and did not understand. She again got the child domed, but this time the situation became worse than before. When the child became serious, he was hurriedly brought to the Medical College of Shahdol. Here the doctors started treating the innocent child’s illness. However, due to this cruelty, the child is fighting a battle between life and death in the hospital.

How did ‘Dom’ do?

This is a tradition and superstition in the rural tribal area of ​​Shahdol. This is a stereotype in which a sick innocent child is tortured. If a child is sick, he is taken to an exorcist. Who makes burn marks on the innocent body by heating a needle or a bar. This hot metal needle or bar is stuck on the child’s entire body a total of 51 times. This painful and leaving its mark act is called Dom. They believe that this improves the health of the child. Although this is only a stereotype. There is no benefit from this. This practice is just a painful practice.

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