MP News: DSP was thrown out of the car, then the bike rider abused him.


MP News: DSP was thrown out of the car, then the bike rider abused him.

MP News: A case of altercation with international hockey player Vivek Sagar has come to light in Itarsi. Vivek Sagar was going in his car when the car collided with a bike. The bike riders got angry and removed him from the car.

This incident took place at SBI Tiraha on Wednesday evening. Vivek Sagar DSP was going in his car. Then suddenly the car collided with the youth riding the bike. Meanwhile, the car rider got down from the bike and started swinging the bike and got him down from the car.

Vivek Sagar told
DSP Vivek Sagar told that I was driving the car myself. Then there was a car accident near Old Itarsi. At the time of the incident, my father was also present in the car. We were going straight, when suddenly the bike riders started turning. Meanwhile, the biker hit the car.

He told that we have not lodged the FIR. An anchor sitting in the vehicle got angry and started abusing. Not only this, they also indulged in flirting. However, there were no injuries to the bike riders. The tire of our car got punctured due to impact from the side.

Vivek Sagar’s achievement
Vivek Sagar has been the captain of the Indian Union Hockey team. He won silver medal as captain, silver medal in Champions Trophy Netherlands, bronze medal in Asian Games 2018 (Jakarta). Vivek Sagar was awarded the Arjun Award in Madhya Pradesh 2021.

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