MP NEWS: Desire to become a leader leaving police job, took membership in Congress


MP NEWS: Desire to become a leader leaving police job, took membership in Congress

MP News:Nepanagar. A policeman has left his government job to contest the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. This employee posted as a constable in the police department was so obsessed with becoming a leader that he took such a big gamble.

Shivlal Solanki, working as a constable in Madhya Pradesh Police, has resigned from his job and joined the Congress Party. Solanki, who wants to contest elections from Nepanagar assembly constituency, contacted the top leaders of the party and put forward his idea and then took a big decision.

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It is being told that Shivlal Solanki, posted on the post of constable, was so obsessed with becoming a public representative that he took the biggest decision of his life in one stroke. According to Congress party sources, Solanki is also considered a contender for party ticket from this area, for this he is also contacting the high command.

Till now it has been said on behalf of Shivlal Solanki that he wants to serve and help the people through clean politics. Therefore, being disillusioned with the government job, he wants to work in this field as a public representative. Solanki was interested in politics since the beginning; after being appointed in the police department, he delayed his decision a bit. Solanki got membership of the party by a dozen leaders including Congress leader Bala Bachchan, Arun Yadav, Kailash Kundal, Yashwant Silavat, Arjun Modwadia, Vikrant Bhuria, Ramu Tekam. Solanki also presented his resume during this period.

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