MP News: Couldn’t control Nilgai even by flying helicopter, know why SDM had to give permission to open fire


Mp news: couldn't control nilgai even by flying helicopter, know why sdm had to give permission to open fire - news2news. In

Bhopal. The population of Nilgai is increasing rapidly in Madhya Pradesh. Farmers’ crops are being destroyed due to the terror of Nilgai. In the last 10 years, the Forest Department has worked on many schemes in the name of controlling the Nilgai population. But the population could not be controlled. The situation reached such an extent that the Dhar SDM had to give permission to shoot Nilgai in the past. Now farmers may be considering this permission as a way to get relief from Nilgai, but in reality it can also pose a danger to the common people.

In Mandsaur, an attempt was made to bring Nilgai to the rescue vehicle by helicopter but this plan also did not succeed. Farmers are worried as to when they will finally get relief from the terror of Nilgai. Let us tell you that the number of Nilgai is highest in 35 districts including Mandsaur, Dhar Neemuch, Panna.

Came up with many plans but all were ineffective
According to the information, a lot of money was spent on the plan to catch Nilgai through Boma method and release them at other places, but the results were zero. In fact, to bring this scheme on the ground, officers and employees were trained. Resources were collected for this. Rs were spent. But the plan did not succeed. When the authorities could not control the Nilgai population through the Boma system, they brought the idea of ​​the Boma system. Work started on this, experiments were also done but it also failed. Questions were also being raised on castration.

BOMA METHOD: Rescue wildlife by making noise
Boma method is used to catch herbivorous wild animals. Wild animals are chased from different directions in a fixed direction by making noise, so that the wild animals can reach towards the marked direction. Rescue vehicles were already parked. Planks made of bushes and bamboo are installed long before these vehicles. To avoid noise, the wild animals pass through these boards and directly enter the vehicles, which are then left at other places after closing the gates.

Taking advice from African wildlife experts
A few months ago an international workshop was held in Kanha Tiger Reserve. In the workshop, there was discussion about dealing with the population of Nilgai. A team of wildlife experts from South Africa was also involved. The Boma method is very effective in South Africa, hence discussions are going on with the experts there. Will reach conclusion soon.

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