MP ELECTION VOTING: Actress Chahat Pandey voted, taking steps in politics


MP ELECTION VOTING: Actress Chahat Pandey voted, taking steps in politics

MP ELECTION VOTING:Damoh. Voters are reaching all the voting centers in large numbers for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Famous celebrities are reaching the polling stations to exercise their franchise. The actress, who works in Hindi serials and as a candidate, also reached her polling booth and met people while voting.

This time, Aam Aadmi Party has given party ticket to TV actress Chahat Pandey in the assembly elections from Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh. While talking to the media, Chahat Pandey said that she is voting for the first time. Before this he had never even got a chance to vote.

system change

Chahat told that she is feeling very happy after reaching the polling station. She said that she is doing all this to change the system. She made it clear that she is doing this to change the system and not to change the government. To correct this, this is a fight for system change. It is not a fight for change of power.

Regarding her victory in the assembly elections, Chahat Pandey said that whatever happens is acceptable. Expressing his gratitude towards God and the people, he said that it is the will of God and with the support of the people, whatever happens is acceptable. Chahat told that till now people have supported her. Let us tell you that long queues of people are being seen at the polling stations. There are separate queues for male and female voters. Along with this, male and female candidates are also coming to vote with their supporters and family members. Actress Chahat Pandey has now worked in many serials. Now she is stepping into politics.

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