MP ELECTION: Deputy Chief Minister taunts on Indi alliance, Nagnath tells Congress


MP ELECTION: Deputy Chief Minister taunts on Indi alliance, Nagnath tells Congress

MP ELECTION:Bhopal. Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister (Deputy CM) Keshav Prashad Maurya (Keshav Prashad Maurya) has taken a jibe at the Indi Alliance and said that there is a rift between SP and Congress. He said that SP is Snake Nath and Congress is Nagnath. Maurya said that BJP is not against the caste census, whereas the opposition is talking about the caste census. That is just an election stunt, this Congress is anti-backward. When Modi from the backward class becomes the Prime Minister, it is the Congress that abuses him the most.

During the press conference, Keshav Prasad said that the heart of the country is Madhya Pradesh and Modi is in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. We have a golden history in Madhya Pradesh. When we won the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, Modi, who came from a poor family and belonged to the most backward class, formed the government. After which we formed the government twice in Uttar Pradesh. He said that in MP also, the amount of Ladli Brahmin Scheme is being sent to the accounts of more than 1 crore sisters today as a Diwali gift.

Government in all states

Prasad said that BJP is forming the government in Madhya Pradesh with majority. Government is also being formed in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. When BJP is in power, records of development are created. These days, Congress is busy in reading the backward Puranas. Before 2014, they did not even go to temples, but now the public has come to know that they are electoral Hindus. That is why now they started talking about OBCs. Congress should tell them that if there are so many well-wishers of OBCs, then tell them how much leadership they have given to OBCs. Indira has put the Mandal Commission report on the back burner. Rajiv Gandhi ji has ignored the Mandal Commission report. Rejected.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that we have made an OBC Prime Minister, 3 Chief Ministers in Madhya Pradesh, the first Chief Minister of BJP in Uttar Pradesh from OBC. The history of Congress has been backward, tribal, poor and anti-OBC. Congress gives the slogan of eradicating poverty but is busy in eradicating its own poverty, but in BJP government under the leadership of Modi, money reaches the accounts of the poor directly through DBT. Rajiv ji used to say in the Parliament that 1 rupee was sent from Delhi. Out of which only 40 paisa reaches the state, it is the mother of corruption. Keshav Prasad said that BJP works on Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas. Terrorism entered India only during the rule of Congress, Congress is issue-less. It is leadershipless and visionless. After winning the semi-finals of 2024 assembly elections in 2023, it is going to win the Lok Sabha elections of 24 as well. Keshav Maurya enumerated the achievements like PM Jan Dhan Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana and Ram Mandir. Congress party should be ashamed. It is they who have taken the court. I had given an affidavit that Ram is imaginary and now they are crying that we were not invited. Keshav Maurya gave invitation for Ram temple inauguration program in Ayodhya on 22 January. Double engine government works at double speed. He said that during the rule of Digvijay Singh, it was unthinkable to come by road to visit Mata in Maihar. Corruption is etiquette for Congress. Hindutva of Congress is the ideological victory of BJP.

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