MP ELECTION: Came wearing the clothes that were left, Digvijay’s statement


MP ELECTION: Came wearing the clothes that were left, Digvijay’s statement

MP ELECTION:Narsinghgarh. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said among the workers a statement made earlier by his party leader Kamal Nath that they should wear whatever clothes are left. I have come. Digvijay had reached here to hold a meeting among party workers.

During a Congress meeting in Narsinghgarh, Digvijay Singh said that Kamal Nath had said that if you tear the clothes, I have come wearing the ones that are left. Due to opposition from the current Congress candidate in the district, Digvijay had reached here to make the workers sit on one platform and take the promise of bringing victory to the party.

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Digvijay Singh visited Narsinghgarh to resolve differences among Congress workers and to work in the interest of the party and to instill enthusiasm. During this, Digvijay also gave this statement.

Digvijay Singh, who reached Bhandari Palace to energize the workers, along with other officials, reached the stage and took a promise from the workers who had opposed the current candidate Girish Bhandari in front of everyone to register victory for the party. Digvijay Singh quipped that the officer who will not be able to register victory at his booth will be denied entry to meet further. Digvijay cautioned the workers and said that I hate those who protest secretly. Let us tell you that the candidates who did not get tickets were Kamal Nath for tearing Digvijay’s kurta. He had given a statement regarding tearing Digvijay’s clothes. On which Digvijay has given such a statement.

Sankalp Mishra’s report from Narsinghgarh

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