MP Election 2023: Why does Imrati Devi consider Jyotiraditya Scindia as her political guru? know the reason


MP Election 2023: Why does Imrati Devi consider Jyotiraditya Scindia as her political guru?  know the reason

Bhopal. Imarti Devi, who is in discussions in the politics of Madhya Pradesh, is away from the limelight these days. After losing the by-election, as if she has disappeared from the media. However, Imrati Devi is currently the chairperson of Madhya Pradesh Government’s Small Industries Development Corporation. Today we will tell you about her political journey, how she came into politics and who supported her during this time.

Imrati Devi was born on 14 April 1975 in village Charbra of district Datia. He has received education up to Higher Secondary. Imrati Devi is one of those leaders who started politics from the bottom. But later she got the support of Jyotiraditya Scindia and she even became the minister of the state. Significantly, Imarti Devi was a member of Guna district panchayat. Then Jyotiraditya Sandhya had reached Guna to handle his father’s legacy. During that time Mohan Singh Rathore used to be the District President of Rural Congress in Guna. The responsibility of getting Sandhiya into politics was on his shoulder only.

When met Scindia

It was through him that Imrati Devi met Scindia. Till that time there was no other woman leader in the region except Imrati. For this reason, she got the support of Scindia and she went on winning the elections continuously. This is the reason why today Imarti Devi considers Jyotiraditya Scindia as her political guru. She is ready to do anything for them. Once he had said that if Scindia Maharaj makes us jump into the well, he will also jump.

political journey

If we look at the political journey of Imarti Devi, she was the Senior Vice President of the District Youth Congress Committee, Gwalior, till the year 1997-2000. After this, from 2002 to 2005, she became the General Secretary of the District Congress Committee and the State General Secretary of the Kisan Congress Committee. For the first time in the year 2008, she reached the assembly. After this, she reached the assembly for the second time in the year 2013 and for the third time in the year 2018. This time the Congress government was formed in the state and she became a minister in this government. Later, when there was a political upheaval in the state, she became a minister in the BJP government as well. But as soon as the results of the by-elections came. Since then Imarti Devi is facing exile.

lost because of

Imrati Devi has been defeated by her own colleague Suresh Raje of Congress. He had to face a setback in this election. On the other hand, Dabra is already considered a traditional seat of the Congress. But this time Imarti was in the fray on a BJP ticket, due to which she also had to face defeat. At the same time, the rhetoric about him at the time of elections can also be considered as a major reason for the defeat.

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