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MP Election 2023: Former CM Digvijay Singh roared on the condition of Khandwa’s Harsud

Khandwa News: Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh reached Harsud Vidhansabha of Khandwa district today. Digvijay Singh held a meeting of the Congress Committee here, after which he held a press conference and expressed concern over the conditions in the area.

Digvijay Singh said that in the year 1985, for the last time Congress MLA was made from Harsud and BJP is continuously winning from here, but no change is visible, there is no improvement in the situation. He said that today the laborers of Harsud go to Maharashtra, Goa and don’t know where else, they are exploited, they do not get equal wages in the name of employment.

MNREGA scheme closed

He further said that the Central Government implemented the scheme of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA on the suggestion of Sonia Gandhi, due to which people got a lot of employment, but if it was implemented properly, there would have been no migration of workers. Today the Modi government has made so many laws and rules in MNREGA that today there is a problem in its implementation.

peak unemployment

Regarding unemployment, Digvijay Singh said that today unemployment is at its peak here. Even today there is neither any ITI nor polytechnic for the youth of this place. A huge program of skill development was run in the UPA government of Congress under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh, all plans were made, but till date no implementation has been done here.

BJP is anti-tribal

Regarding the tribals, he said that the work that should have been done in the tribal areas was not done here in a complete way. Even today the leases of the Land Rights Act could not be distributed, the PESA law was not implemented properly. In 1996, the Central Government passed the PESA Act unanimously in the Parliament. Madhya Pradesh was the first state when we started the process of making rules for PESA during my tenure. We enshrined all the aspects related to the concept of Gram Swaraj in the law, the law of Gram Swaraj is applicable even today, but it is not being followed.

indiscriminate cutting of forests

Digvijay Singh further said that deforestation is going on indiscriminately in Nepa Nagar. It has continued here as well. Mafia is working all day long. Today, in the whole country and state where forests are being cut on one side. The same Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ji plants a tree daily in Bhopal to perform the play Notanki and you are planting one tree and thousands of trees are being cut daily.

Congress does what it says

Digvijay Singh further said that the promises made by Kamal Nath have been fulfilled by him and will be fulfilled in the future as well. The atmosphere is against the BJP in the entire state. Voices of rebellion have started emerging in the BJP. This time the Congress party will form the government with a huge majority.

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