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MP Election 2023: BJP government working to save corrupt officials – Digvijay Singh

Bhopal.Rajya Sabha MP and former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has expressed his reaction to the corruption prevailing in the Livelihood Mission and said that the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh is trying to save the corrupt officials of the Livelihood Mission by hiding their misdeeds.

Digvijay Singh told that the Didis of Aajeevika Mission have been working with hard work, dedication and devotion for years, ignoring them and doing widespread corruption by the corrupt officer sitting in the state office of Aajeevika Mission, not making those groups self-supporting but only on paper. They are being shown while the actual situation is different.

Didi’s check book under the protection of officers

He further said that even today the members of the group are not getting that dividend. The dividend is being shown on the paper. Didis are not able to take their own decisions, their check books, their proceeding register and other records are kept by the officers and employees of Aajeevika Mission under their protection. The staff of the Livelihood Mission is working as per the instructions of the corrupt officer sitting at the state level.

Uniform scam in the state

He further told that in the past, major newspapers of the state published the news of students studying in government schools not getting uniforms. In this, the corruption of crores of rupees scam was prominently exposed. Instead of conducting an impartial investigation of this news, the state government started saving the corrupt officer. All efforts are being made to save and hide this scam by projecting innocent sisters of the group.

Our eye on corrupt officials

The Congress workers who live in each village Tole Majre are keeping a close watch on the activities of the Aajeevika Mission and such corrupt officials who have been convicted will not escape. If there is even an iota of morality left in the government, then it should be immediately separated from the post and punished by conducting an inquiry into the allegations of corruption and misuse of the post.

The former chief minister said that women self-help groups are being politicized in the BJP government, considering them as vote banks and are now being used only for gathering crowds at rallies, conferences and BJP events. In the Chief Minister’s programs, numbers are being shown in the programs by bringing women of self-help groups from other districts through buses. Due to this, many bus accidents have happened in which many innocent people have died, the BJP government is responsible for this.

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