MP CRIME: Bloody conflict between two parties, 2 including woman killed


MP CRIME: Bloody conflict between two parties, 2 including woman killed

MP CRIME: Shivpuri.In Shivpuri district, an incident of a fierce fight between two parties due to old enmity came to light. In this dispute, sharp weapons were used heavily from both sides. Due to which some people died. People seriously injured in the fight were immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment.

It is being told that in this dispute, attacks were made with axes, swords and sticks. Due to the huge dispute, three people from one side died and four people were seriously injured. Due to this incident of bloody conflict, there is a situation of tension in the area.

Narwar police station area case

Information is being received that in this bloody conflict, people from the other side burnt a young man alive. Due to which the young man died on the spot. In this dispute, a woman and a young man were attacked with a sword and axe. Due to which a woman and two men died.

Some people have been badly injured in this fierce dispute. These injured have been referred from Shivpuri to the trauma center of Gwalior. Where the injured are undergoing treatment in the hospital. There is an atmosphere of tension in the village due to this fierce fight. This is the case of Chakrampur village of Narwar police station area of ​​Shivpuri. On receiving the complaint about the matter, a police team also reached the spot. The police team has started investigation regarding the incident.

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