MP CRIME: Accused sat inside a moving cooler, police found him


MP CRIME: Accused sat inside a moving cooler, police found him

MP CRIME:Dewas. In order to avoid police action in Dewas district, an accused thief risked his life and sat inside a cooler while walking. The accused took such a big risk to avoid going to jail. Despite this he could not escape from the eyes of the policemen.

It is being told that when the police reached the house of an accused living in Kannauj police station area of ​​Dewas district, the accused took such a big risk to avoid action. It is being told that due to the increase in theft incidents in this area these days, the police had reached the house of the accused. Accused Ajay alias Kalu is included in the list of vicious thieves.

interrogating the accused

When the police team reached his house to interrogate him in connection with the theft incident. Then he nervously went to his own house and sat inside the cooler. The accused comes under the category of vicious thieves in the Kalu area, so police action is taken against him on the day he arrives. While questioning the relatives of the accused, the police entered inside the house and the accused was taken out after closing the cooler.

During this, the policemen also told the accused not to risk his life. Then the accused said that many cases were registered against him, due to which he had sat inside the cooler while walking to avoid police action. In connection with the disclosure of theft incidents in the area, the police have taken the accused Kalu with them for questioning. The policemen had also made a video of this incident. Which is also going viral now.

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