MP CM Mohan Yadav’s action: Chitrangi SDM, who made women wear shoes, removed, said – Women’s respect is paramount in our government.


Mp cm mohan yadav's action: chitrangi sdm, who made women wear shoes, removed, said - women's respect is paramount in our government. - news2news. In

Bhopal. CM Mohan Yadav’s strict stance on government officers continues in Madhya Pradesh. Now the blame has fallen on Chitrangi SDM of Singrauli district. SDM Aswan Ram Chirawan has been transferred after the video of a woman tying her shoe laces went viral. Actually, a photo was going viral on social media, in which Chitrangi SDM Aswan Ram Chiravan is seen getting a woman to tie her shoe laces. When the matter escalated, CM Mohan Yadav took cognizance and gave instructions to remove the SDM.

CM Mohan Yadav wrote on X, this is extremely condemnable
CM has written on Twitter that in Chitrangi of Singrauli district, a case of SDM making a woman tie her shoe laces has come to light. Which is extremely condemnable. Regarding this incident, instructions have been given to immediately remove the SDM. Women’s respect is paramount in our government.

CM Mohan Action has been taken against these officers so far
Let us tell you that Chief Minister Mohan Yadav is taking immediate action against the officials after receiving the complaint. Recently, Bandhavgarh SDM had beaten a young man in a car for overtaking. In this case, CA Mohan Yadav had ordered suspension of the SDM. After the video of Sonakchh Tehsildar Anjali Gupta misbehaving with farmers went viral, action was taken by attaching her to the district headquarters. During the truck drivers’ strike, Shajapur Collector Kishore Kanyal was removed from the post of Collector by the CM after his video showing the status of the driver went viral. Earlier, after the Guna bus accident, CM Yadav had taken action against officers from top to bottom.

Jitu Patwari wrote on X… How long will the unbridled system last?
Madhya Pradesh Congress State President Jitu Patwari has again targeted CM Mohan Yadav. Jeetu has written on X that
From Shajapur to Singrauli. How long will such an unbridled ‘system’ last? autocratic "Mechanism" standing unarmed in front of "Folk" ‘s torture, then telling a new story. The concern/challenge is also that only the characters are changing.

Why is the government so helpless and poor?
Jeetu further wrote that the same story is coming out again and again with every new chapter. I cannot understand why the government has become so helpless and poor? The Chief Minister himself is taking direct action daily, but it is not making even the slightest difference. Such a political period of contempt has never been seen before in Madhya Pradesh. Innocent people are being tortured unnecessarily in this open war between government and bureaucracy. Now it is too much. Do anything, but with this mentality like the British "Disease" Give solid treatment.

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