MP Budget Session 2024: Mohan Government’s interim budget of Rs 1 lakh 45 thousand crore presented in Madhya Pradesh, know who got what.


Mp budget session 2024: mohan government's interim budget of rs 1 lakh 45 thousand crore presented in madhya pradesh, know who got what. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The interim budget (Vote on Account) of ‘Mohan Government’ was presented on Monday, the fourth day of the budget session of the 16th Assembly of Madhya Pradesh. Finance Minister Jagdish Deora presented the Vote on Account of Rs 1 lakh 45 thousand crore for the year 2024-25 on the table of the Assembly. No new scheme or tax has been announced in the budget. This interim budget will remain in force for four months. Government departments have been allocated funds for expenditure in various schemes from April to July 2024. After making the interim budget, it will be discussed in the Assembly on Tuesday, 4 hours time has been allotted for it.

know which How much amount was given to the department
In the transferred budget of Mohan government, the maximum amount of Rs 11674 crore has been allocated to the School Education Department. After this, Rs 9588 crore has been given to the farmers. Rs 9360 crore for Women and Child Development Department, Rs 5417 crore for Health Department, Rs 5100 crore for Rural Development Department, Rs 4654 crore for Urban Development Department, Rs 4287 crore for Tribal Welfare, Rs 3132 crore for Public Works Department, Rs. Rs 1820 crore has been allocated for the Welfare Department, Rs 787 crore for the Scheduled Caste Department, Rs 514 crore for the OBC and Minority Welfare, Rs 391 crore for the Labor Department and Rs 39 crore for the Religious Trust.

Minister Deora said-All sections were taken care of in the budget
After presenting the budget, Finance Minister Jagdish Deora said that the transferred budget has been presented to ensure that all the schemes continue for four months. New scheme will not be started. The budget will help all sections of society and take steps towards fulfilling the manifesto. The government will present the full budget in July after the Lok Sabha elections. The Finance Minister also said that the state government is working on the guarantee of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The amount received from the Vote on Account will be included in the full budget to be presented in July. The amount included in the budget for the financial year is Rs 3,48,986.57 crore. The amount for Vote on Account is Rs 1,45,229.55 crore and the amount to be voted in Vote on Account is Rs 1,19,453 05 crore. r

Umang said-Modi’s guarantee is not visible on the ground
Deputy Leader of Opposition Hemant Katare said in the Assembly that only 42% of the budget for 2023-24 has been spent. In such a situation, why is the supplementary budget being brought? We will oppose the vote on account. Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar said that Modi’s guarantees are not being fulfilled. If it is visible on the ground, then we will assume that the guarantee is being fulfilled. The announcements do not seem to be being fulfilled.

Year 2024-25 Mathematics of income and expenditure in estimation

  • Total revenue receipts in budget estimate Rs 2,52,268.03 crore.
  • Revenue receipts from state tax 96,553.30 crore.
  • Non-tax revenue receipts Rs 18,077.33 crore.
  • Revenue expenditure in budget estimate Rs 2,51,825.13 crore.
  • Revenue expenditure in Revised Estimates Rs 2,31,112.34 crore.
  • Revenue surplus in budget estimate Rs 442.90 crore.
  • Budget estimate of total capital receipts is Rs 59,718.64 crore.
  • Budget estimate of total capital outlay Rs 59,342.48 crore.

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