MP Board 12th Exam 2024: 12th examinations in the state from 06 February; How to do revision? Know what experts say


Mp board 12th exam 2024: 12th examinations in the state from 06 february; how to do revision? Know what experts say - news2news. In

MP Board Exam 2024 Class 12: Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education Bhopal’s 12th examinations are starting from Tuesday (06 February). The first board paper of class 12th is of Hindi. Irrespective of the subject of the paper, students get stressed as the exam approaches.

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We would like to tell you that the first paper of any board exam is very important. Of course, it is common to be nervous about good marks in board exams, but what should students do a day before the exam so that there is no nervousness about the paper and the paper is also good. Revision matters a lot in any exam. Here we talked to Hindi experts and found out from them what should students do one day before the exam? How to keep your mind calm? This expert advice can make you a topper, so understand the experts’ advice carefully and give the exam.

Understand from the subject expert what should be done and what not
Hindi teacher Mangilal Chauhan of Government Higher Secondary School Lauras, Sehore. Said that the students’ preparations for the board exams are in the final stages. In such a situation, it is natural for the stress to increase on them. Understand tips in points:

  • Children have been preparing for board exams since 7-8 months, in such a situation, instead of reading something new, it is better to revise what you have read and write it two to three times.
  • The time for revision is one day before the exam. In this, focus on that topic which you are finding difficult.

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  • Take a look at the previous year papers carefully.
  • Do practice writing. With this, your hands will not get tired on the exam day.
  • Along with this, parents will also have to maintain a good environment at home.
  • Be sure to talk to children from time to time and boost their morale.
  • Get enough sleep a day before the exam.
  • Children should eat light and simple food at night.
  • Apart from studies, let children also spend some time for entertainment and rest.

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Pay special attention to these things

  • It is mandatory for the candidates of class 12th to be present in the examination hall by 8:00 am.
  • No student will be allowed entry after 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the board examination.
  • Answer sheets will be given to students 10 minutes before 8:50 am and question papers will be given to students 5 minutes before 8:55 am of the commencement of the examination.

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