MP Assembly session: Uproar over arrest of farmers, toll collection and bad roads, protest against GST on online gaming


Mp assembly session: uproar over arrest of farmers, toll collection and bad roads, protest against gst on online gaming - news2news. In

Bhopal. The budget session of the 16th Assembly of Madhya Pradesh is going on. There was a lot of uproar in the House on Tuesday, the fifth day of the session. Congress created ruckus and raised slogans on the issue of bad roads, toll collection and farmers. Also opposed the imposition of GST on online gaming. Congress MLA created ruckus over government books being thrown in the garbage. Amidst the uproar, the proceedings of the House were adjourned till 3 o’clock.

of farmers created ruckus by protesting against the arrest
Before the commencement of the House proceedings, Congress MLAs demonstrated in front of the Gandhi statue outside the Assembly, protesting against the arrest of farmer leaders going in the farmers’ movement. Pushprajgarh MLA Phundelal arrived wearing an apron of Marco banner. Accused of throwing government books of class 1st to 5th in the garbage. Accused of selling books to scrap dealers. Security personnel snatched banners and posters from Congress MLAs. Not allowed inside the house. Congress MLAs were creating ruckus over the arrest of farmer leaders and government books being thrown in the garbage.
Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said, MSP is the biggest thing. It is very important for farmers. The government should consider.

toll tax Who said what on recovery
Madhya Pradesh Assembly also raised the issue of menthol tax collection. Congress MLA Pankaj Upadhyay alleged in the Assembly that toll tax collection in Madhya Pradesh is exceeding the stipulated contract. In response to the question, Minister Rakesh Singh said that the toll has been continued due to maintenance. Meanwhile, Congress MLA Jhuma Solanki raised the issue of bad roads in the state. When the debate started on the issue of bad roads, Minister Rakesh Singh said that the state government is preparing an app. In which the potholes will be rectified if the public uploads their photos.

Online Opposition to GST on gaming
Finance Minister Jagdish Deora passed the bill regarding GST imposed on online gaming. According to the new system, the government will collect 28% GST from people doing online gaming business in Madhya Pradesh. GST amount will be charged on the entire game. In the earlier system, GST was collected on the commission received by the person providing online games.

to congress Protests broke out, Speaker announced
Ramniwas Rawat, Abhijeet Shah, Abhay Mishra protested against the GST imposed on gaming. Said that by legalizing it, people will play more online games, which is not good. In response, Minister Jagdish Deora said that to discourage such games, it has been decided to impose GST on the entire game. Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar also opposed the bill. When Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar started the process of passing the bill, Congress walked out of the House and raised slogans outside. Meanwhile, the bill was declared defeated in the House.

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