MP Assembly session: Uproar on the issue of ‘beating of tribals’ and ‘sewage in Narmada’ on the sixth day, heated debate on Jal Jeevan Mission


Mp assembly session: uproar on the issue of 'beating of tribals' and 'sewage in narmada' on the sixth day, heated debate on jal jeevan mission - news2news. In

Bhopal. The budget session of the 16th Assembly of Madhya Pradesh is going on. There was a lot of uproar in the House even on the sixth day of the session. Opposition MLAs tried to corner the government on various issues. First of all, there was a heated debate in Betul on the issue of stripping and beating the tribals. Then there was an uproar over the issue of sewage getting into the Narmada river. After this, Congress attacked regarding the damage caused to crops due to hailstorm. Lastly, the issue of irregularities worth crores in the works of Jal Jeevan Mission was heated. Amid the uproar, the assembly proceedings were adjourned indefinitely on Wednesday.

1:-Tribal’s beating case

Singhar told the Chief Minister- It is shameful that such incidents happen.
As soon as the House proceedings began, an echo of the incident of a tribal being stripped, hanged upside down and beaten was heard in Betul. Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar directly targeted Chief Minister Mohan Yadav in the matter. Umang told the Chief Minister that you have the Home Department, but you are not concerned about it. It is shameful that such incidents happen in the state.

Hemant said-CM should resign from Home Department
Congress adjourned the Assembly and demanded discussion on the tribal beating case. Congress MLA Ramniwas Rawat said that time should be fixed to discuss the adjournment. But Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar did not accept the adjournment. Tomar said that the adjournment was not accepted on the basis of giving information after the stipulated time. Deputy Leader of Opposition Hemant Katare said, I felt very pained after watching the video of the beating. The government has failed to protect the tribals. CM Hemant Katare further said that if you are not able to manage the state then you should resign from the Home Department.

2:-Case of sewage getting into Narmada

one for years Same answer is being received but not visible on ground
On Wednesday, there was an uproar in the Assembly over dirty drains flowing into the Narmada River. Raising the issue, Congress MLA from Jabalpur Lakhan Ghanghoria said that the same answer is being given for years, but there is something different on the ground. The water from dirty drains is flowing into Mother Narmada. Narmada is the center of our religious beliefs.

soon sewage To prevent water from getting into Narmada
In response to the calling attention motion, Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya said that the Chief Minister had said in the morning that everyone gives the status of mother to Narmada. To prevent sewage water from getting there. Minister Vijayvargiya said that he will try to stop dirty water from such bodies from getting into the urban areas within 2 years. An action plan will be prepared for this and work will be done. During this, other members said that at the time of Mayor elections, an announcement was made to stop dirty drains from flowing into the Narmada River within 100 days, but nothing happened.

‘Narmada Lord Manas is not the daughter of Shiv, she is the daughter of BJP.
Lakhan Ghanghoria said on this that it seems that Mother Narmada is not the mental daughter of Lord Shiva but the mental daughter of BJP. There was an uproar over his comment. Members of the ruling party objected. Adamant on apologizing to Ghanghoria. Said- They should apologize. Public Works Minister Rakesh Singh said that such indecent remarks will not be tolerated at all.

,Ghanghoria should apologize in the House’
Cabinet Minister Vijayvargiya said that the government is presenting its views with full seriousness. But Mother Narmada is the center of faith for all of us. If such comments are made regarding him, it will not be tolerated. Lakhan Ghanghoria should apologize in the House. For a long time there was debate on this issue from both sides.

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