MP Assembly Session: Uproar in the House over ‘Tantya Mama’ and ‘Bharat Ratna’, issue of electricity theft and interim budget also heated up.


Mp assembly session: uproar in the house over 'tantya mama' and 'bharat ratna', issue of electricity theft and interim budget also heated up. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The budget session of the 16th Assembly is going on in Madhya Pradesh. On Monday, the fourth day of the budget session, there was uproar over five issues. First of all there was a debate on sending income tax notices to Congress leaders. Then the electricity theft case against farmers heated up. After this, there was a fierce debate and uproar between the members of the opposition and the ruling party on the issue of interim budget, Bharat Ratna and finally Tantya Mama. There was a lot of commotion in the house. The opposition raised many issues regarding development.

  • Tantya Mama:-

This is how the uproar started, know who said what
Chief Minister Mohan Yadav said in the House that if anyone is responsible for the insult to Tantya Mama, it is Congress. Kailash Vijayvargiya said that Congress had called Tantya Mama a robber. Congress MLAs objected to Vijayvargiya’s statement. Congress MLAs demanded deletion of Vijayvargiya’s statement from the proceedings of the House. On this, BJP MLAs said – Lootera was clearly written in the NCERT books. Murali Manohar Joshi had done the work of repairing it.

I will be able to take a decision only after seeing the books
Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar said that Kailash ji raised a topic. Congress people have objection to that. Many members referred to NCERT books. Since I don’t have the book in front of me right now. I will be able to take some decisions after seeing the book. Even after the Speaker’s statement, Congress MLAs remained adamant on the demand for deletion of the words. A dispute arose between Ramniwas Rawat and Narendra Singh Kushwaha. The Speaker intervened. Later Congress members walked out of the House.

  • 2:-Bharat Ratna

CM said – Government of India gave gems to those whom Congress did not pay attention to.
CM Mohan Yadav said that five Bharat Ratnas were given. This includes Karpoori Thakur, Lal Krishna Advani, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Dr. Swaminathan and Narasimha Rao. For which the Congress Party did not pay any attention. The Government of India is also going to give him Bharat Ratna.

Ruling party created ruckus over Umang Singhar’s statement
Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar said that Bharat Ratna is a very glorious honor and is mentioned in the Constitution of India but you distributed 5-6 in a year. The ruling party MLAs started an uproar over Umang’s statement. On which the Speaker while giving ruling said that Bharat Ratna is the highest honor of India and no comment can be made on it, the words that have come are deleted.

  • 3:-Interim Budget
  • Finance Minister Jagdish Deora presented the interim budget. On this, Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar said – None of Modi’s guarantees are being fulfilled. Only when it is visible on the ground will the guarantee be considered fulfilled. Where are the announcements being fulfilled? The promises made to purchase wheat at support price and cooking gas at Rs 400 are being fulfilled. Deputy Leader of Opposition Hemant Katare said that only 42% of the budget for 2023-24 has been spent. In such a situation, why is the supplementary budget being brought? We will oppose the vote on account. Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar said that Modi’s guarantees are not being fulfilled. If it is visible on the ground, then we will assume that the guarantee is being fulfilled. The announcements do not seem to be being fulfilled.

4:-Electricity theft against farmers

Congress MLA challenges Energy Minister to resign from the House
Congress MLA Ramniwas Rawat raised the issue regarding incidents of electricity theft against farmers in Vijaypur village of Sheopur district. The MLA alleged that fake cases are being made against farmers. Responding to this, Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar said that no fake challan has been made against any farmer. Rawat got angry after hearing this. He said come with me and get the test done. If I am wrong, I will resign from the House.

Minister Tomar said – I can also answer in a loud voice
The MLA said that the farmer has paid twenty thousand rupees by mortgaging his jewellery. On this, Minister Tomar said that he can also answer in a loud voice. On this, Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar said that the allegations related to electricity issue are serious. The minister will call for reports from the officials. Along with this, surprise inspection will also be done in the area. If needed, we will also take the MLA along. It was only after Tomar’s intervention that the heated argument between the two calmed down.

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