Madhya Pradesh News: VD Sharma said – Congress leaders are a guarantee of Sanatan protest, anti-Ram and appeasement.


Madhya Pradesh News: VD Sharma said – Congress leaders are a guarantee of Sanatan protest, anti-Ram and appeasement.

Bhopal. State BJP President VD Sharma has taken a political target on Congress’s rejection of the invitation for the consecration of Ram Lalla in the Ram temple. VD said that Congress leaders are anti-Sanatan, anti-Ram and guarantee of appeasement. VD also said that Sonia Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge have rejected the invitation, whereas the entire country considers this invitation a good fortune. Congress leaders have proved themselves to be anti-Ram.

‘Why are you trying to defame Madhya Pradesh?’
VD also fiercely targeted Congress leaders Digvijay Singh and Umang Singhar. VD said that it was felt that new people have come to Congress, they will talk about positive politics and development of the state, but like Mr. Bantadhar Digvijay Singh and Mr. ‘Corruptionnath’ Kamal Nath, they are engaged in defaming the state. From the statements that Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar is giving about defaming the state, it seems that you are a complete follower of Digvijay Singh. After all, why are you busy defaming Madhya Pradesh?

‘There was a crushing defeat in the Assembly, there will be defeat in the Lok Sabha’
While talking to the media at the state BJP office, VD said that Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav is taking forward the good governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Madhya Pradesh. But, Congress leaders are not able to tolerate this. Congress leaders sometimes try to defame Madhya Pradesh through misleading statements. Sometimes they give wrong facts about Ladli Brahmin Yojana, and sometimes they spread confusion about hacking the website of the city administration. The public has come to know their lies. Therefore, Congress suffered a crushing defeat in the Assembly elections and now Congress will have to face defeat in the Lok Sabha also.

Why dedicated the entire program to BJP-Sangh and Modi: KK Mishra
On the other hand, State Congress Media Department President KK Mishra on Thursday hit back at VD’s serious allegations against the Congress Party like Sanatan, anti-Ram and guarantee of appeasement and said that if you are a true Sanatan then answer ten questions. KK said why the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya in the month of Paush. Why the prestige of Ramlala in incomplete construction, why prestige in the hands of PM if Shankaracharya was there, why life prestige is not given to Ram Navami, why is one Sanghi and the other a bureaucrat among the trustees of Ram Temple Trust, why is there no discussion of the ancient Ramlala idol, complete program BJP- Why is it dedicated to Sangh and Modi?

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