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Looted six lakhs by hitting a stick on the head of kiosk operator riding Activa

Bhopal. In front of Golden Village on Bairagarh Main Road, three bike-borne miscreants attacked the scooter-riding kiosk operator with a stick and snatched Rs 6 to 7 lakhs. The police cordoned off the area in search of the miscreants. During this, the miscreants were not found, but the scooter was found abandoned in Abbas Nagar area. Police say that the money was not found in the scooter. The matter seems suspicious to the police. Actually, there is a contradiction in the CCTV footage of different cameras and the statement of the businessman. Station in-charge DP Singh told that Daulat Kumar Parwani (52) lives in Old Mohalla Bairagarh near Nehru Park. He runs MP Online kiosk at Abhinav Complex on Ayodhya bypass road. Through the kiosk, Daulat Kumar gives money to people through e-pay, which he later collects. Daulat told the police that he closed the shop at around 5 pm on Tuesday and then left for the city for collection. He was returning home by scooter while collecting in various areas including New Market, DIG Bungalow, Karond, Nishatpura. While going to Bairagarh at around 9.15 pm, he reached in front of the Christian cemetery in front of the Golden Village, when three bike-borne miscreants who came from behind hit him twice on the back with a stick. As soon as the stick hit, Daulat fell on the road with the scooter. Before he could understand anything, the miscreants fled from there by picking up his scooter. Daulat says that 6 to 7 lakh rupees of the collection were kept in the trunk of the scooter.

The miscreants fled leaving the scooter in Gandhi Nagar

TI told that the police of the entire city was alerted as soon as the information about the robbery was received. The police of Gandhi Nagar police station were checking near Abbas Nagar at around quarter to twelve in the night, when the miscreants saw the police and ran away leaving behind the looted scooter. When the police searched the trunk of the scooter, the money was not found inside it. However, the police had registered a case of robbery against three unknown miscreants. The team of Bairagarh Police and Crime Branch is engaged in search of the robbers.

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