Leopard took away Shivraj from the house: Shocked to see the woman sleeping after hearing the scream, head found missing from the body in the forest


Leopard took away shivraj from the house: shocked to see the woman sleeping after hearing the scream, head found missing from the body in the forest - news2news. In

Leopard Hunted Child in Barwani: A tragic incident took place in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. A leopard took away a 10 year old child who was sleeping with his mother in the house. Leopard hunted child Shivraj. The child’s body was found in a ditch 500 meters away from the house. His head was missing. Police and forest department staff have started investigation. The incident took place on Wednesday night in Khurmabad village of Barwani. There is an atmosphere of panic in the village after the incident of child poaching.

When the mother woke up after hearing the child screaming, she was surprised to see
According to the police, Xiniya Barela lives with his wife and two sons in Khurmabad village. Barela had gone to Khargone for some work on Wednesday. At night, wife Rukhmabai slept at home with both the children. Mother heard screaming at 2 o’clock in the night. When she woke up, she saw that the leopard was dragging her elder son Shivraj. When Rukhmabai screamed, the neighbors got up and went to search for Shivraj but due to darkness they could not find the child.

cage set up to catch leopard
On Thursday morning, while searching for the child, the family members and the villagers went towards the forest and found the child’s body in a ditch 500 meters away. The villagers informed the police. Police reached the spot and informed the forest department about the matter. The Forest Department recorded the statement of the family and prepared a Panchnama. According to the Forest Department, a leopard and its cub pugmark were found near the spot. Efforts are being made to catch the leopard by installing a cage. Villagers have been advised to be careful at night.

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