Last day of enlightenment programme: Told the MLAs about the power of questions, also taught them how to use them for public interest


Last day of enlightenment programme: Told the MLAs about the power of questions, also taught them how to use them for public interest

Bhopal. On the last day of the enlightenment programme, the MLAs were given information about questions, budget, adjournment, privileges and other parliamentary matters. An attempt was made to tell them that questions have great power. But it should be used for public interest. Former Assembly Speaker and BJP MLA Dr. Sitasaran Sharma, while telling the MLAs about the power of their questions, said that write a letter to the government about some work and make a question from that letter, it will run faster. If the administration is not responding to our letters, then questions can be raised on that also. We also used it a lot when we were in opposition. He said that the power of questions is huge, use it for the benefit of the public.

He said that Question Hour is very important, every minute of this one hour Question Hour is utilized. In this, MLAs ask questions regarding development works of the area and other important works. Even if there is one minute left for the Question Hour to end, the Speaker still gives a chance to ask questions, which means that not even a minute of the Question Hour is wasted. MLAs should understand the strength of their questions.

Arjun Singh spoke less, listened more – Rajendra Singh
Rajendra Singh said that after the formation of Madhya Pradesh, many governments came. Since the time I regained consciousness, I have seen one powerful CM after another. Saw the tenure of PC Sethi and Shyama Charan, saw the tenure of Arjun Singh. Singh said that he also saw the tenure of Sunderlal Patwa. Saw the tenure of Digvijay Singh and Uma Bharti. He said that the Chief Minister of the state Arjun Singh spoke less and listened more. Arjun Singh rarely had direct communication with the officers. The Chief Secretary used to talk but this tradition has now broken. I do not criticize bureaucracy. The words which were used earlier in the House cannot be used today. Rajendra Singh gave tips to the MLAs on the budget process and income-expenditure, grant demands and other budget-related topics. He told that the country’s first budget was passed in the year 1947 which was Rs 197 crore. Rs 92 crore was earmarked for the defense sector. Such were the circumstances of the country at that time. Today the state has a lot of debt. Today the biggest debtor country is America. He said that on the day the Appropriation Bill is presented, it is not discussed in the House. There came an occasion when the government fell during the discussion on demand for grants.

Adjournment motion is important – AP Singh
Assembly Principal Secretary AP Singh, while giving information to the MLAs about the rules for conducting business, said that sometimes even after the agenda is released, there can be changes in it. Supplementary agenda is brought when necessary. Like the gas tragedy happened in Bhopal in 1984 in which thousands of people died. At such a time, if the proceedings of the House were going on and such a sensitive topic was being discussed in the House, then an adjournment motion would have to be brought so that the important topic could be discussed immediately. One adjournment motion and two calling attentions can be brought in a day. The Government replies on the subject included in the adjournment motion. If the topic is important then the Speaker organizes a discussion on that topic in which people from the party and the opposition participate. He told that the problem related to a particular area will come within the scope of short notice. After the consent of the Speaker, it is included for discussion. Chairman of the Privileges Committee of the Lok Sabha and MP Sunil Kumar Singh gave information about the privileges.

Zero hour will start again – Tomar
Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar said that there is a provision to speak on written information during Zero Hour, but in the upcoming session it will also be decided that members will be able to express their views on important current events during Zero Hour. Tomar said that this time 69 MLAs have been elected for the first time. The experience of this two-day enlightenment should be taken from them by sending them a letter. He also said that if another orientation program for new MLAs is felt necessary, then consideration should be given in that direction.

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