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Kuno National Park: Bad news again from Kuno, 2 cubs died

Kuno National Park : A big news has come out from Kuno National Park. 2 cubs of cheetahs have died in coons. After the death of one cub of Cheetah Jwala, the remaining 3 cubs and female Cheetah Jwala were being monitored by the team of doctors posted in Palpur.

According to forest department officials, Cheetah Jwala was given supplementary food during the day. During the afternoon monitoring, the condition of the remaining 3 cubs did not seem normal. In view of the unusual condition and heat of the three cubs, the management and the team of wildlife doctors immediately decided to rescue the three cubs and do necessary treatment. But even after treatment both the cubs were not saved. The condition of one cub is said to be serious. He is being treated.

Let us tell you that earlier a cub had died. He was sick since birth. Earlier, out of the cheetahs brought from South Africa, 2 cheetahs have already died. The continuous death of cheetahs in Kuno Park is a matter of concern.

Let us also tell you that 8 cheetahs were brought to Kuno National Park from Namibia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had released the cheetahs in the coon enclosure on his birthday on 17th September. After this, on February 18, 12 more leopards were brought to Kuno from South Africa. Now only 18 cheetahs are left in Kuno National Park.

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