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kuno national park: another sad news from kuno national park, one cub died after 3 cheetahs

Know mp national park news.One of the 4 cubs born recently in the Kuno National Park has died. The process of death of cheetahs continues here. Earlier on May 9, female cheetah Daksha (dakcha) had died.

Regarding the death of Daksha, it was told that 2 cheetahs were released together in the enclosure. The purpose of which was to increase the family, but in the fight between the cheetahs in the enclosure, the female cheetah Daksha lost her life.

Now a cub has also died

Before the death of Daksha, 2 leopards Uday and Sasha have also become victims of death in Kuno forest. Kidney failure was said to be the cause of death of Sasha and Uday. In Kuno National Park, 3 cheetahs have lost their lives in just 3 months, while now a cub has also died.

Recently born 4 cubs

Due to the death of cheetahs and cubs in the National Forest, questions are being raised on the claims of the entire forest staff. Bad news has come from here in the months of March, April and May. Cheetahs have been brought from Namibia and South Africa in the forests here. The central and state governments have spent so much on cheetahs imported from outside. Despite this, news of the death of cheetahs is coming to the fore. A total of 20 cheetahs have been brought to Kuno Bawan in two batches.

Due to the death of 3 cheetahs, only 17 cheetahs are left here. In the hall itself, the female cheetah gave birth to 4 cubs. Due to which the news of happiness on the increase in the number of cheetahs also came to the fore. Due to the death of one of these cubs, questions are being raised again.


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