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kuno forest: Government worried about the continuous death of cheetahs in Kuno forest, Shivraj gave necessary instructions

Bhopal.The Shivraj government is getting worried due to the continuous death of cheetahs in the Kuno National Forest. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan (cm shivraj) has given several important instructions in this regard while meeting with senior officers of the Forest Department. The activities related to the resettlement of cheetahs in the state were reviewed at Chief Minister’s residence Samatva Bhawan.

Senior officials of the forest department gave complete information to Shivraj on all aspects related to settling the cheetahs, the period of their quarantine and their care. The Chief Minister has given instructions in the meeting that a time line should be fixed for preparations in Nauradehi and Gandisagar Sanctuary and approval should be obtained from the newly formed Project Cheetah Steering Committee.

Information given on the causes of death of cheetah cubs

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) informed about the current status of cheetahs in Kuno National Park and the reasons for the death of cheetahs and cubs. He said that the possible reasons for the death of cheetah cubs on May 23 appear to be lack of nutrition and extremely hot weather. The fourth cub is being rescued and is being treated under the supervision of wildlife doctors.

The health of the cub is showing improvement. The weight of the dead cubs is very less 1.6 kg. While according to the standards the weight of cubs of this age is about 3 kg. Should be. A total of six cheetahs have been released in the open forest, which are being monitored day and night.

There is a plan to release 3 more cheetahs in the open forest in the coming days. Necessary preparations have also started in Gandisagar Sanctuary, which is likely to be completed by November. Similarly, preparations are to be started in Nauradehi Sanctuary as well.

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