Kamala Nehru Zoological Museum: African zebras become center of attraction in Indore, white tigers will go to Jamnagar


Kamala nehru zoological museum: african zebras become center of attraction in indore, white tigers will go to jamnagar - news2news. In

Kamala Nehru Zoological Museum: African zebras were brought to Indore Zoological Museum on Wednesday under the Animal Exchange Programme. These zebras were not in any zoo in the state. Wildlife lovers were elated when the management released them in Indore Zoo on Wednesday afternoon in the presence of experts. There was a crowd of people to see the African zebra.

Kamala nehru zoological museum, african zebra
Kamala Nehru Zoological Museum, African zebra

Female zebra is lazy, white tiger will go on 11th
Dr. Uttam Yadav, in-charge of Kamla Nehru Zoological Museum, said that the talk of bringing zebra from Africa was going on for the last six-seven months. This zebra was brought from Jamnagar on Tuesday and was released at Indore Zoo at 12 noon on Wednesday. The zebras have not been kept in isolation, but have been released in an enclosure under supervision. So that people can see him in the zoo. Right now only his prescribed diet is being followed. Have come after a long journey. That’s why the female zebra is a bit sluggish. The White Tiger will be taken away from here on the morning of January 11.

More than 1300 wild animals
Indore Zoo, spread over 52 acres, currently has more than 1300 wild animals. These include 11 tigers, nine lions and four leopards. 10 cubs have been born here in the last 11 months. The number of deer and jackal is also more than 50. There is also a snake and bird house, which remain a center of attraction for wildlife lovers. Apart from these, there are more than 40 species of birds in the bird house including Green Wig Macau, Blue Ed Gold Macau, Capdove, Lory, Flying Squirrel, Glider.


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